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Agni (Digestive Fire) & Treatment in Ayurveda By Veda5, The Best Ayurveda Retreat in Rishikesh, India

Concept of agni-digestive fire in Ayurveda is very much distinct as compared in other therapies.

Balanced agni yield Bala (strength). Agni and bala have such intricate relationship that if former is increased, the later is also increased and vice versa. The digestive fire neither increases by over-eating nor fasting, as the fire diminishes when not fed by fuel or when covered or overfed by too much of fuel. Ideal diets are the form of fuel for the digestive fire.

Agni is said to be the root cause of all imbalances. All diseases crop up from functioning of stomach – the abode of agni or digestive fire. When the doshas accumulate in the abdomen, the weakness of fire occurs. One dies if this fire is extinguished, gets diseased if it is deranged and lives long and healthy when it is functioning optimally. Therefore, agni, even when the diseases may be numerous, should be maintained.

In normal conditions, the digestive fire digests the food; in the absence of food it digests the doshas, therefore, in Ayurveda sometimes fasting is prescribed; when the doshas diminish it digests the dhatus (tissues); and when the dhatus get diminished it digests life itself.

Recent researchers on cancer treatment have followed immunotherapy. Fasting helps improve immune system. On the methodology of fasting as discussed in last para, cancer cells are eaten up with diminishing of doshas. I would like to share that my grandmother used to observe fast on regular basis. She would observe fast on special occasions like Navratri; on every eleventh lunar day twice a mother and many more. She lived a very healthy life for 98 years. I never saw her sick in my life. The secret of her health was nothing but regular life style.

Treatment in Ayurveda

No disease can be eradicated without proper treatment. Ayurveda identifies the place where diseases originate and occur. These places are body and mind. These are infact the abode of diseases (sorrows) and wellness (happiness). The causes of diseases are excessive utilization or less utilization or indulgence, and wrong utilization of time, sense organs & intellect.

In ayurveda, three aspects, (i) the nature of the disease (dosha), (ii) the site of manifestation, and (iii) etological factors are considered before initiating a treatment.

Ayurveda emphasises on taking a recourse wisely on the appropriate measures before occurrence of the disease or while the disease is in its initial stage. Examination of the patient is very simple but perfect. In general, Nadi (pulse), Netra (eyes), Mitra (urine) and Jihva (tongue) are examined. In ancient texts, some more than 100 mantras are described to examine the pulse to determine the nature of dosha. The mantras state the rhythm of pulse resemblance to the movements of crow, frog, pigeon, snake, sparrow, etc. with these rhythms the particular dosha, frequency and its place is identified.

Important diseases have been enumerated in classic texts. Because it is not always possible to name all types of diseases in definite terms, so other diseases are classified according to the factors involved in their manifestation. As a result, every disease is identifiable viz. virals, HIV etc.

Restoration of health of a patient is carried out by administering external and internal cleansing therapies. Massage therapy can be conducted regularly on O.P.D. and I.P.D. level. Medication should be started under the supervision of an expert ayurvedacharya. Panchkarma is the only final treatment in many diseases.

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