Best Ayurveda Beauty Clinic in Rishikesh, India for Anti-Ageing

Best Ayurveda Beauty Clinic in Rishikesh

Authentic Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments in Rishikesh for skin, hair & anti-ageing

Veda5 Wellness Retreat, India

Natural Ingredients. Pure Oils & Herbs. Vata, Pitta & Kapha Principles.

Veda5 Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments

Skin Radiating Treatment

Twak Samvardhan

This most effective skin radiating program includes body massage with muslin bag boluses of Ayurveda herbs and rice cooked in medicinal decoction and milk. Along with radiant skin, this treatment is very helpful for nourishing tissues and joints.

Skin Polish Treatment

Sharir Parimaarjan

This herbal treatment includes scrubbing with paste of Ashwagandha, Manjishtha, orange peel, rose petal etc. and serves the purpose of exfoliation & removes dead cells, dirt and dust from the cells of the skin and tissues below the skin. It improves glow and complexion of the skin and restores immunity of the skin.

Anti-wrinkle Facial

Dravi Mukh Prasadan

This is an exotic therapeutic procedure for skin tightening with a unique combination of rice extract, herbal powders and almond milk. This anti-wrinkle therapy eliminates dead cells, improves the complexion and tightens the skin.

Anti-Aging Facial

Haritaka Mukh Prasadan

This is a therapeutic facial include haridra (turmeric), haritaki and moringa oleifera. With a rich array of vitamins, proteins, and minerals, this facial effectively provides powerful antioxidants to the skin cells along with moisturizing, nourishing and cleansing the skin.

Ayurvedic Pedicure

Paad Saundarya

Massage of feet prevents and cures dryness, numbness, roughness, fatigue and cracking of heels hence foot care is an important feature to maintain the health and beauty of the feet for a longer period of time. This 5 step process includes clean up, scrubbing, moisturising, massaging and hydrating pack on feet from herbal ingredients.

Ayurvedic Manicure

Hast Saundarya

This manicure is a herbal treatment for hands and fingernails. The treatment is done to increase the glow and texture of the skin of the hands and to increase the smoothness & shine of the nails.

Ayurvedic Hair Spa

Kesh Samvardhan

We use banana, honey, olive oil etc. for this treatment. It also prevents hair breakage and promotes hair growth. It also hydrates the scalp and supplies many essential nutrients, thereby making your hair thick and strong.

Anti Dandruff hair Treatment

Tankan Bhasm Kesh Samvardhan

The scalp skin dies and flakes off in a month, while in those suffering from Dandruff, this happens every 2-7 days. It is most often caused by a yeast organism that grows in the scalp. Ayurveda herbs like Amala, methi seeds, yogurt, neem, with tankan bhasm is very effective treatment to cure dandruff.

Anti-hair fall Treatment

Avroh Kesh Samvardhan

In this treatment we use herbal pack made of methi seeds, licorice, curry leaves and triphala powder etc. This strengthens the hair roots, hydrates, gives a shine, opens the pores and allows nutrients to penetrate better into the scalp. This treatment has a soothing effect, removes the irritation that leads to depleted dry hair.

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