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Amazing experience

I spent nearly a week in veda5. The experience was fantastic. I was impressed by kindness and welcoming staff. The food it was heaven to your mouth despite the fact it was vegetarian ( I m not!). The amazing freshly squeezed juices were available all the time! The fabulous yoga/meditation classes were run by highly professional yoga teacher Yash who was very in tune with the group! The best yoga teacher I met in my 40 years of life experience! I could not recommend him more. Also body treatments were superb and done in the way that after a week you could feel like a new born! I could not recommend more! And location- perfect, close to the beach (2 min walk).

Anna Karteczka-Hughes

Fabulous Experience!

Superlatively relaxing, restorative, and rejuvenating. I cannot say enough about my experience at Veda5. Tucked away in the Himalayan foothills, the center offers multi-sensory relief from the busyness of life – scenic balcony views to rest the eyes, morning bird twitters and evening peacock calls to soothe the ears, fresh air, cleansing treatments, and a buffet of deliciously satisfying foods for every meal.

Perhaps the best part of the experience was the responsive friendliness of the staff – from housekeeping, drivers, and gardeners to dining hall waiters and chefs, yoga instructors and treatment therapists and staff. Everyone was always, warm and helpful without being intrusive. Their kind attention enhanced Veda5’s serene and soothing atmosphere and made each encounter a pleasure.

I wholeheartedly recommend Veda5 to those seeking a yoga, ayurveda experience that takes you away from the commotion of modern life.

Laura Dallman


This is not going to be a normal review, as we did not have a normal stay here at Veda5. We originally only planned to be there for 7 nights but fortunately ended up having to extend due to state lockdowns in place for covid-19. We feel so beyond grateful to have ended up staying at Veda5 during this time, as we felt very safe and well taken care of.

During the lockdown there was never a dull day, Veda5 made it their upmost priority to ensure our well-being and happiness. As well as their usual daily schedule of mindfulness classes, they organised daily games, craft activities and even pool side BBQ’s once a week, to increase the group moral while being here on site during the lockdown. Throughout these uncertain times, we found friendship and laughed a lot together. Each day was filled with smiles, love and happiness. The area couldn’t be better, it is so peaceful. You are surrounded by the mountains, trees and nature. This was a truly unforgettable once in a life time stay.

The classes offered – There are 2-3 daily yoga classes taken by the wonderful yoga teacher on site named Ira. They included a variety of classes; Hatha, Ashtanga and even Aqua yoga. One lovely morning class to start the day which also included mantra chanting and pranayama.

As well as multiple yoga classes through out the day there was Pranayama, meditations and even chanting which were taken by the yoga therapy trained Kirti and Ira. We were able to go so deep into each subject and learn so much. On top of that everyday was filled with divine mindfulness, we felt relaxed and at ease through out our stay. Thank you endlessly Kirti and Ira for everything you taught us, we won’t ever forget.

Treatment centre – Veda5 offers a huge range of treatments on site. We both never had any Ayurvedic treatments before, they truly are a unique experience. We were able to try the traditional oil massages, mud baths, facials and our absolute favourite – Shirodhara which is a treatment involving warm oil dripping on your forehead, so relaxing you will fall asleep. Once you have worked your way through the Ayurvedic treatments they also have Naturopathy to offer. This includes a Naturopathy bath, in a beautiful centre. All the staff that take the treatments are highly trained, with extensive knowledge. Each and everyone of them tailors the treatments to you, leaving you feeling replenished inside and out.

One of the most attractive treatments here at Veda5 is the “Panchakarma” which is a detoxification process of Ayurveda. It uses oil massage and herbal remedies, to rejuvenate you spiritually as well as physically. Unfortunately we didn’t end up trying this treatment but many of the guests had incredible results and experiences, It comes highly recommended. There Is also a Doctor on site, DR.Neil who was always helping throughout our stay. He gave all the guests immune booster packs, as well as weekly talks to educate us further on Ayurveda. His extensive knowledge does not go unwarranted, very friendly and always open to talk. Thank you to everyone at the treatment centre Harish, Kusum, Veenita, suman and agitha.

The food – WOW… I don’t even know where to start. Everyday we were mind blown from the delicious and nutritious food that came out of the kitchen. Meal times were one of our favourite parts of the day here. The kitchen serves full veg, sattvic food which is complete with incredible flavours. Each day brings something new. We are both vegan and had the best experience dining here. They offer fresh salads, soups, curries, rice dishes, handmade rotis and beautiful desserts. All the staff working at the dining room made our experience even better. Chef Ashok is so creative, we were lucky to have many amazing cooking classes with him through out our stay. We have learned so much from him. Thank you so much to Chef Ashok, Ashatosh, Saurav, Saurav and Balwan.

The room and facilities – From the moment you walk into Veda5 you will feel at home. The decoration in all of the common areas is well designed. The room is wonderful, perfect size with a soothing atmosphere. The balcony is a lovely addition, it was so nice to have an outdoor place to sit to watch the mountains. Rooms are cleaned as much as you need. We always felt comfortable, there was a heated blanket if it was too cold and a fan if it was too hot.

The yoga shalas were wonderful places to practice. The main one had a huge space overlooking the valley, can’t think of any better view for practicing. There was a yoga hall also which was magnificent. Every facility here did not disappoint. The pool area was a highlight, such a great way to cool down during the peak heat of the day. They had many games in the game room and books which we worked our way through during our stay. the garden is a little piece of heaven, we loved to relax here and play chess in the sun.

We were here for the 9 day festival “Navratri” where they did a fire ceremony and included all the guests. Felt very welcoming to be included in their traditions, thank you.

All the staff at Veda5 made us feel like family. Special mention to the manager Dipak who really stood out. He was always checking in on our wellbeing and giving us updates of the situation. The receptionist Angna always greeted us with a smile, while also organised weekly painting sessions with the group. She made our stay memorable, I won’t forget her kindhearted nature.

Basically I could write for hours about how wonderful our stay here at Veda5 was. We will never ever forget it. This was the best place to be locked down in.

I can’t thank everyone here enough. You made us feel safe, welcome and relaxed. Everyday was a blessing to be here. We will most definitely come back in the future.

All the best Billie and Dylan

Billie Oakes (Totnes, UK)


We stayed here for a few nights before heading to the International Yoga Festival. It was a great experience and highly recommend Veda5. The food, activities, and customer service were exceptional. Definitely stay for more than a few nights if you have the opportunity!


I don’t usually write many reviews but this place definitely deserves one as it turned out to be a really special place.

I visited in March and it was the first time I was going for something like this on my own. From the meticulous enquiries about my arrival timings, etc, till the time I was dropped off, I felt safe, welcome and taken care of. Moreover, the service that had been given was phenomenal throughout.

Veda5 is situated within the gorgeous mountains of the Himalayas surrounded by beautiful scenery of mountains in all directions and away from the noise of the main city.(giving you that true wellness feeling) It was the perfect getaway place, peaceful, and truly unforgettable. The way it is built and decorated is astonishing. The detail and love can be seen at every step you take around the site.

Upon arriving at Veda5 you are greeted religiously by the the staff with drums and music. What a way to be greeted! I felt both blessed and welcome. Angna at the front desk provided a spectacular service. If anything was needed, it was done. She was always super helpful, confident, kindhearted and worked with a lovely smile and was a delight to speak to. She also ensured all guests were comfortable during the stay. Dipak ji who was the manager of the resort certainly ensured the place was running smoothly and it was. He definitely ensured that the guests are his number one priority and they they are entertained and having a good time.

I was shown around by Megha who explained how everything is organised and what is available during the duration of my stay. She is not only someone who keeps the place together but is also willing to help and ensures that the guests have all that they need and more. She’s a wonderful and caring person and full of knowledge. I mentioned in passing about some pain I was experiencing and this got immediately relayed to the doctor, which shows how she takes full care about her residents well-being. We also had the chance to attend some of her instructed yoga and meditation classes which were excellent. (She’s even got her own YouTube channel too. Certainly worth checking out- Vama Yog)

Rooms and Housekeeping- The rooms are clean, spacious, comfortable and well maintained (daily). They have beautiful large windows with a balcony giving you an incredible view of the mountains. It’s a beautiful scene to wake up to.

The bathroom has plenty of space, always has warm running water if required and if you’re cold at night the beds have been provided with heated blankets, or if you’re hot there is AC/Fan. The housekeeping staff were always there when needed regardless of the time and always ensured the rooms were equipped with all the necessities.

Treatment Center – Depending on the package, the doctor will schedule a set of treatments that is done daily along with any Ayurvedic medication. There is a huge range of treatments that can be taken if you want extras over what has been recommended.

This was the first time I was undergoing any Ayurvedic treatments and it is a completely unique, remarkable and relaxing experience to which you’ll soon start noticing the positive differences.

I tried a variety of these treatments such as the body oil massage, body scrubs with a Tumeric mask, Potli Massage (therapy done using heated herbal pouches known as potlis – amazing for pain) and Shirodhara (dripping oil on forehead – pure relaxation)

As I was there for International women’s day I was given a free facial – Amazing!

They also have Naturopathy therapies available however, I didn’t have a chance to try these but those that did enjoyed it.

The therapy room is clean, maintained well, comfortable, relaxing and well organised and always on time. The staff in this department were wonderful. Kirtika who organises and manages that department always welcomes you respectfully with a lovely smile, ensures you’re comfortable with the stay and treatments and of course happy with the experience. She’s an amazing person inside and out with a beautiful heart. Very easy to get along with and made a great friend. She’s also very talented and ran a few mediation classes which were incredible. She showed great devotion to the class which was portrayed in her teaching. Moreover, she has a lovely voice which is very soothing to the ears when meditating.

The therapists you’re given are all amazing with great knowledge on why they do everything and the way they do it. My therapist Vineeta was awesome and did absolute wonders. She was very knowledgeable and I learnt a lot from her. Her technique was great and adaptable by being accommodating if we wanted any minor changes or needed to focus elsewhere. She ensured that the guest’s comfort was her main priority.

There are two doctors onsite, Dr. Neil and Dr Suchita. I had Dr. Suchita and I was just amazed by her knowledge and analysis with little or sometimes no information at all.

Both doctors have a vast amount of knowledge on Ayurveda and we were given the opportunity to attend their talks to educate ourselves more on Ayurveda. They are very friendly and very easy to talk to. At the end you’re given information on your doshas and how you can maintain and keep them in balance. This was certainly very helpful and is something I’ve taken away.

Classes and Facilities – You never run out of things to do. Yoga starts at 7:45am and runs throughout the day, with varying levels and numerous varieties such as Hatha Yoga, Kundalini yoga, Power Yoga, Ashtanga and more. I quite enjoyed the early morning classes whereby Hatha yoga was accompanied by mantra chanting and pranayama. At least 1 meditation class ran everyday and there were varieties to choose from. Our yoga masters; Negi, Ira, Kirti and Megha were wonderful. The main masters were Negi and Ira who are very knowledgeable and used great techniques in teaching the ways of yoga and meditation. Thank you to all of you in what you’ve taught me, I’ll not forget this.

Alongside yoga and meditation there are several other activities and these include Ayurvedic talks with the doctor, cooking classes, painting, games, evening entertainment such as musical and dance nights and bbqs. Or if you want to do something else, there is a pool, outdoor and indoor gym and also medication caves. The yoga shalas were great. I loved the one that is outdoor that overlooks the valley and faces the scenic mountains. I also spent quite some time in the garden on the hammock, reading. Such a lovely place to relax.

Additionally, if you are visiting when an indian festival or religious event is on the cards, you’re certainly in for a treat. I was there for the festival of Holi and it was a lot of fun with all guests and staff. We were all given Holi t-shirts as a lovely memoir, and had access to plenty of powdered colour and other items that are used to play Holi. There was great music, dancing, games and food. Unforgettable day! All the staff joined us on such nights and it’s a wonderful way to get to know everyone as well have a fun time with both staff and guests.

Restaurant and Food – The food at the restaurant was delicious. The quality and flavours of the Sattvic food as well as the way it was presented and how it was served was spectacular. Regardless of the time you go for food it was always hot and if by any chance you are running late, the staff at the restaurant are very kind to call and suggest the option of sending the food to the room.

There was a lot of variety and there were menu changes for each meal of the day. The restaurant staff service was incredible – Ashutosh was always welcoming and made sure I had everything I needed.

I’ll always remember that Beetroot Halwa and also the effort and kindness of Chef Ashok who made my favourite dish during my last night (punjabi kadhi). Chef Ashok was very kind to also share some of his recipes. His food was always full of vibrant flavours and his teachings have been taken away by many including myself.

Excursions – Additionally, you can choose from a list of great excursions. I did the temple village trek and the the trip down to see the Ganga Aarti which was beautiful. – a must see.

Overall, I’ve had an amazing time staying there. It’s the first time leaving a hotel or what I thought to be home away from home, I felt sad and teary. You meet some incredible people, both staff and guests, from around the world, make memories and form lifelong friendships. Each day felt peaceful, full of love and happiness- a truly mindful and gratifying experience.

Thank you team Veda5 for making my trip amazing and a very special one. You all made me feel like part of the family and it’s the memories I’ll always cherish.

I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else and highly recommend trying this place. You would not be disappointed – a true wellness resort.

I for one will be surely returning in the future!

Natasha S. (London, UK)

Got my health back. I’m from USA and I stayed at Veda5 for 30 days.

I stayed at Veda5 for 30 days. My goal was to get relief from the chronic pain that I have been suffering from for nearly the last 10 yrs. I have tried nearly all the possible medical treatment available in the USA. After 30 days, I returned from Veda5 to California with about 75% improvement and the ability to reduce my medications.

In addition to being free from daily pain, I am overwhelmed by the organization and management of the wellness center. The staff is professional , hard working, caring and well-coordinated. Each individual has a clear focus of making the stay very comfortable and productive.

The location is amazing, very peaceful, beautiful, calming and clean. Most importantly, it has an element of oneness, love and care. I’m very thankful to all the groups including the organizing staff, doctors, Annam (center of creativity- satvik food made with love & care), Panchkarma therapy, transportation, house-keeping, cleaning and maintenance.

The social get togethers were great events to bring joy, peace, and tranquility as they surrounded with mountains. It quickly became a home away from home.

When I returned to the USA, I returned with Veda5’s way of living, and hope to continue a healthy lifestyle. Also, I now have a deeper realization of the importance of complete rejuvenation.

Special thanks to each and everyone. Especially:

Mr. Deepak H

Dr. Suchita Singh

Megha Mittal, office coordinator (name missing) & Engela

Era Chaudhary & Master Negi

Annan staff of chefs and food providers with magic hands

Therapists- Depika, Benita, and two names missing,

House keeping- Anoop Singh & Ashish Nautiyal

Transportation staff

Thank you everyone and best wishes

Usha Bhatia

Beautiful family amazing get to gether

Totally loved the place.Awesome welcome was given. Yummy delicious food.The respect people give in veda.5 has totally touched my soul.Resort surrounded by lush green trees and mountains we all thoroughly enjoyed our stay in veda .5 I would share this among my friends and relatives..All thanks goes to M.K.singh my brother who planned this stay in veda.5

Seema singh

Perfect for my Birthday celebration🥰

I loved all about Veda5!!Great excellent!!
All team of veda5 are super, Full of positive energy!!!!So close to Nature!!!
Treatments was so good 😊 thanks victoria
I planned Veda5 for my birthday 🎉 celebration and it was a right decision !
Dr. Suchita ,Deepak sir, Megha &Era Mam , chef sir and all staffs made my experience unforgettable!!!
Me and my sister had a best time together in Heavenly paradise of Himalaya
Veda5 🧘‍♀️🙏🙏🧘‍♀️

Sakshi Khandelwal

A truly special place

We found ourselves at Veda 5 after a horrible experience at another resort the other side of the river. The contrast could not be greater! The location is spectacular with incredible views. You feel completely away from the hustle and bustle of Rishikesh yet it is easily accessible via taxi. The staff were helpful and looked after us so well. The food was wonderful.
We will definitely return here as you can’t beat it as a special place to relax and unwind.

Rachel (Gloucester, United Kingdom)

Wonderful place stole my heart

Wonderful place stole my heart !!

First of all if you are looking for Authentic Ayurveda and yoga …. then this is the place !!

I specially choose this place after reading reviews and wanted to take Panchkarma in an isolated peaceful place. Wonderful doctors and very caring too. Therapist were very professional and they knew what they are doing. Doctor put me on special Panchkarma diet which I followed. I also attended yoga and meditation sessions which were complimentary and were interesting.

Staff is very polite and helpful. As this is retreat and specific for yoga and Panchkarma …. so your experience and expectations are like that only.

I strongly recommend this place for Ayurveda treatments and for peace and pure vegetarian tasty food.


authentic Ayurveda centre cum retreat….

I came to veda5 with my daughter to fix her stress and physical dilemmas. I arrived with no prior knowledge and power of Ayurveda and it’s procedures.

When I met doctor, she assured me that my daughter is in safe hands and she will be taken best care but it may take few weeks for the results. I strictly followed the treatment plans. Daily consultation with doctor boosted my daughters’ moral and she also started believing the effects of ayurveda.

Food and diet was simple, homely and according to illness.

Staff very courteous and smiling and doing namaste whenever you come across.

To all veda5 family, I would like to thank you all from bottom of my heart that i found a ‘NEW’ in My Daughter from such complex situation.

If you love life, and care about health and most importantly awakening of soul…. do come, see and feel yourself.

Thank you all.

dikshahemant (Gurgaon, India)

Best Ayurveda in Rishikesh

I specially booked this retreat for my sore and stiff muscles and believe me i started getting much sought relief in 4th day only. Everything was so memorable at Veda5. After consulting doctor half of my disease was gone, treatment started with different therapies and medicines. The therapists and doctor take personal care which is the best part.

Veda5 is surrounded by hills and views from rooms takes you to other world and one don’t feel like going back to the mad noisy city.

Food is so delicious (at least for me), simple vegetarian and easily digestible.

Definitely gonna recommend this place for those who want to go in for best Ayurveda centre in India.

triptisrivastav43 (Noida, India)

Therapy, to the Core

I visited Veda5 which is at outskirts of Rishikesh…for detoxification package. This wellness retreat is definite a hide out for those struggling with stress where you should go to reconnect and rediscover yourself.

There are in house Doctors to understand your health issues and put you on therapies according to that.

Very comfortable stay with the team Veda5. Thank you all, will definitely revisit.


Relieving stress and depression

I came here for stress relieving treatment. I came here full of stress and depression and went back with enthusiasm and determination. The doctors were very helpful. The treatments were different and something I had never seen before. I would definitely visit again.

gulshanmasi (Bhiwadi, India)

Best place… Amazing relaxation

We visited this place for stress relief program and had amazing time with good treatment. its beautiful to spend time in peace away from noisy cities. Doctor was very nice and understanding and she listens very nicely. Authentic treatment and medicines were provided at proper time.

Staff and service was very nice. Food was vegetarian and very simple.

Highly recommended this place

scmalhotra143 (Jaipur, India)

Re – charge yourself

One of the best place to reconnect and recharge your body , mind and soul . Best Ayurveda treatments with professional therapist who know their duty very well . I was suffering from insomnia from over decade and after a week of Ayurveda therapies and meditation there is so…


Amazing experience at Veda5

I was so impressed with the hospitality and the therapies that took me to the other world of peace and harmony, from welcome to see off we were mesmerised. Definitely visit again with my whole family again. Thank you all team


Peaceful Trip

Positive & welcoming

I am really very happy that I came to Veda5 . Very positive energy in surroundings and quite peaceful and energetic.

Very warm welcome and easy check inn and luckily I got top most room with amazing view otherwise all rooms are mountain views.

Food is pure vegetarian and really delicious, chef was very humble and courteous.

Morning and evening yoga sessions and meditation…. great.

Ayurveda Doctor and treatment with trained and nice therapist was just amazing.

Don’t have words what I felt in 5 days …

Going back to come again !!

Great Team Veda5


My 1st Ayurveda experience

I came for Panchakarma to Rishikesh as my friends suggested it, but I was scared by their stories of unprofessional treatments at several Ayurveda centres in Rishikesh. Veda5, however, is unique and provides a special touch of hospitality, which most hotels lack to provide.

The food was basic Indian food, but way better than most places. The staff kept me busy through out the day in several activities like treatments, yoga and meditation. I would definitely like to visit Veda5 again for more Ayurveda experiences.

Mohammad (Srinagar, India)

Best retreat

I have been to many Ayurveda centres and this is the best Ayurveda retreat I have seen. Can’t explain much in words what I felt but the location is A-1, and from staff to food to treatments everything is par perfect.

Morning evening yoga and meditation is like relaxation at its best.

Best rejuvenation and peace which actually stole my heart.

Definitely gonna recommend to all my contacts.

Thank you all

Sparsh (New Delhi, India)

Do visit!!

I booked panchkarma package for 14 nights and believe me this was so helpful for my body and mind. Very peaceful retreat centre with lovely and caring staff. My body realised change after 4-5 days only.

Doctor and therapist took good care and are ready to help always. I really liked Turmeric milk at bedtime, real dose for good night sleep.

I really missed their food variety as i was in panchkarma package but the chef took really good care of my diet. Keep it up…team veda5

Scenic06853605747 (California, USA)

Best Ayurveda in Rishikesh

Had an amazing time at Veda5. A must visit place if you are in and around the location.

Had a very comfortable and memorable stay.

A very warm and refreshing experience…

Kudos to the well organised team.

Must Visit.



By my friends recommendation I made my mind for Panchkarma.

I was little bit hesitant before I started treatments. As soon as I met Doctor and discussed all about my body and treatment, I was much relaxed and made up my mind for Panchkarma. From day 1 to day 21 all I could feel was new ME in ME.

Totally new body, refreshed and rejuvenated, with stress free mind and soul.

Very caring staff, great peace of mind and food was just awesome.

Looking forward to visit again next year.


A piece of Paradise

I really enjoyed my 2 weeks stay @ veda5, it was really pleasant, joyful and peaceful. Accommodation, treatments and services and food all were outstanding.

The peace, serenity & tranquility of this place is just enchanting. Don’t feel like going back.

Thanks to management, Doctors and therapist for precise work. Will come back again very soon.


Ayurveda at its Best

I would like to start with the location which is one of the best in Rishikesh. Away from the hush hush of city , this place is like heaven in Himalayas.

Very beautifully done with the interiors .

Annam Dining is the best place I like to spend time at the time of meals . I was on Panchkarma so my diet was bit different from others , still loved it .

Doctor was very humble and caring , special attention was given which was really great gesture , feeling new me from inside after Panchkarma. Rooms and therapist was really nice .

Really enjoyed overall experience, will come every year for Panchkarma.


Best Yoga Retreat In Rishikesh

Veda5 is no doubt best place for Yoga retreats in Rishikesh. Our family yoga group has been doing weekend retreats twice a year for last 5 years. But this latest retreat last week was outstanding and memorable.

One big indoor yoga hall, 1 outdoor, open lawn, huts, –lot of options of Yoga classes.

Splendid views, lovely ayurveda food and caring staff makes veda5 perfect destination for retreats in Rishikesh.


Positivity Everywhere

I am a solo traveller and after traveling intensely for about two months, I ended up at Veda5 for 6 nights which was absolutely paradise. It was like everything which I wished for after upgrading my room on top floor with amazing views and total peace. Veda5 is totally non-alcoholic veg. retreat so I enjoyed lots and lots of detox drinks and lovely and delicious vegetarian food, some organic stuff too.

I thought of excursions and river rafting but believe me this place is so peaceful I made up my mind to stay and relax.

Then comes the Ayurveda, well very nicely decorated three centres of treatments, I consulted Doctor who suggested me few treatments for my backache and insomnia, I preferred bamboo hut for my massage for first day as it looked too exciting, very trained and humble therapist who gave me many tips and explained about authentic Ayurveda and power of it. Doctor used to send hot milk daily different flavours at bed time with medicines and chia seeds, which I am missing now after back to work. My sleeping disorder is much better now as I am following all instructions from Doctor.

Veda5 have daily free yoga sessions in morning and evening plus meditation but truly speaking I never attended morning session as I used to get up late, but evening yoga and meditation I never missed which was really amazing.

I have marked Veda5 as one of my favourite places and definitely will visit for more pampering and spa treatments.

Thank you all… stay blessed.


Ayurveda & Yoga Bliss

We started our journey from Rishikesh Veda5, experiencing Ayurveda for the first time . Apart wellness we never imagined that Ayurveda could be so useful and so special.

Came to know different types of body composition and what we should eat according to body types , ancient secrets of Ayurveda and treatments was really knowledgable. We took few treatments and which really showed lot of improvement.

Morning and evening Yoga was bliss , Stiffness of body started melting and became flexible in merely 7 days of yoga classes , meditation and mantra chanting was really refreshing.

Food , well pure vegetarian and delicious couldn’t resist , specially sweets . Lots of detox varieties and specially good night milk .

Service and staff really caring and courteous.

Definitely will visit again for more fresh air and peaceful environment.

Joshyyy (Nainital, India)

Best place to unplug from the world

No TV and no beer make Homer something something…”

O.K., at first I was skeptical when I walked into our room and noticed that there was no TV, limited internet and also that no alcohol was sold or consumed within this compound (Its a holy area of the mountains). After about 30 min the tranquility and spiritual elements of this mountainous retreat started to elevate my calmness. If your goal is to detox both your body and mind to help work on your own true self this is the place to do it! There is a recreation room with a TV and internet if you need it but you will soon discover you don’t.

This place was so awesome that were planning another longer stay here. Classes on Yoga, meditation and spiritual well being are offered throughout the day and are all included complementary with your stay. We even got special one-on-one time with Yogi’s on our specific areas needing improvement. The cafeteria is 100% vegetarian but there is no shortage of filling and tasty options (I’m a carnivore and was completely satisfied at meal time). The cooks worked with us and can even provide special dietary options along with detoxifying water, tea or smoothies.

TIP: Bring that book you’ve been meaning to read and enjoy it in the garden or on your balcony overlooking the foothills of the Himalayas.

If traveling in the cooler/winter months bring a jacket/sweater.

Get ready to hike up a steep pathway! All rooms have mountain views so it will be worth it. They do offer golf cart rides for the physically restricted but its also promoted to maintain a healthy stay.



I was at Veda5 for 16 days specifically for Ayurveda Pancha Karma treatment. The doctor, along with the staff in the kitchen, therapist, yoga and meditation was wonderful.

They paid special attention to the food based upon my treatment everyday and since I was not able to follow the ‘normal’ yoga regime everyday, yogi Dharmraj and one other person Jyothishree, provided private classes that was more conducive to my treatment.

The views from my room was quite stunning, along with the nature calls of birds, the sound of the Ganga river and the fresh air did perform wonders.

If you wish for a great view and don’t mind the climb up the stairs and the slope, then you can ask for the top room in the retreat.

There were activities some of the days to bring the guests together.

Antaara (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

Beautiful place, amazing staff, great services

My wife and I stayed 4 nights at Veda5. We were amazed at how beautiful the property is. The staff are incredibly kind and welcoming. The food is excellent. The chef has a lot of experience and even previously worked at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai. The food is all vegetarian, but it’s so good you don’t even mind if you’re a meat eater normally.

The Ayurvedic treatments were amazingly enjoyable and helpful as well. The staff are committed to your having a great time at the property and in the area, so don’t hesitate to tell them what you want to do, because they make it happen! We had a great time on a couple excursions into Rishikesh. Also, do the morning temple trek!

sfiehler (San Francisco, California, USA)

Wonderful retreat

It’s unfortunate that I got only one day to stay at Veda5 as I had to go for tracking to Badrinath. The driver who came to pick me up from airport advised that by the time I arrive at retreat the kitchen would be closed as my flight was late, so he called retreat and informed Dining to keep some food for me. On arrival and warm welcome I got very delicious thali in my room which was most welcoming after long travelling.

Luckily I got the room on top floor which has the amazing view of mountains. Though I didn’t get time to avail all the facilities but THAT one day I got to spend was just memorable. Room was quite big with comfortable bed and all amenities.

Breakfast was yummy and chef personally asked my preferences.

I checked out unsatisfyingly as could not stay longer and enjoy yoga and Ayurveda but definitely going to come again.

Vineet Awana

Absolutely fantastic

Very well managed retreat not too far from the city , just 20-25 minutes away from Laxman jhula , still in a very quite place , on top of mountain on Neelkanth Road .

Staff is friendly and professional always smiling and ready to help .

Doctor is nice and polite and did great job revealing my stress with some good Ayurveda therapies and meditation. Therapist are good in their job .

Morning evening complimentary yoga classes and meditation classes are amazing. Nice yoga teacher.

Food is simple vegetarian which is very delicious and really enjoyed sitting in dining for long .

Swimming pool deck is best place to get some vitamin D ??.

Overall best place for people who are looking for some peaceful Ayurveda treatments and wellness . 10/10 for everything.


Hidden Ayurveda Gem

Not many Ayurveda and yoga retreats in North India . Heard through some friend and thought of giving a chance and believe me it was upto my expectations.

Location is A-1 on hill , very beautiful and peaceful and I got room on top most floor with mountain views, amazing morning view just loved to sit in balcony and having tea.

Ayurveda Doctor and treatment ( I took for my back ache ) was very nice. After 3 days of treatment got positive results. Medicines they provided at proper time . Bed time saffron and turmeric milk was really delicious and really improved my health.

I took one to one sessions with yoga instructor for my back ache problem and he really guided me very well .

Food was just amazing , pure vegetarian and really loved the organic part of thali.

Everything was just perfect and wonderful. Highly recommend


My First Ayurveda Experience

My first ever experience for Ayurveda at Veda5 …. and it was just Awesome.

1- First of all … location. Very beautiful and peaceful retreat on up hill. Very beautiful property with beautiful decor and easy check inn. Welcome drink was very delicious and refreshing.

2- Room was good and spacious on first floor with balcony and mountain view with all amenities.

3- Booked for pain in knees and obesity. Doctor was humble and nice and patiently listened to me and my problems.

4- Therapist very professional and courteous.

5- All medicines were provided to me on time and they really take care of me very well.Special customised diet was also provided to me for weight management.

6- They have complimentary yoga classes in morning and evening but due to pain in my knees i could not attend morning classes but evening meditation class was really amazing.

7- After 15 days of treatment I was really happy with the results and feel positive about my health.

8- I highly recommend this retreat for those who are really serious about their Health and wellness

Avinash K

Ayurvedic treatment

I specially booked Veda5 for my very bad acidity and indigestion problem . First of all about the property, very beautiful and peaceful with wonderful views .

Beautiful decor specially dining , yoga hall and reception area. You really feel like you are somewhere in heaven.

As I was on treatment plan my diet was customised and Doctor really took great care of me of everything. My therapist was amazing and very professional.

I attended complimentary yoga sessions also and instructor guided me quite well according to my health problems about do’s and don’ts.

Food which was specially customised for me was delicious and tasty, I recommend Veda5 for good and authentic Ayurveda and wellness.


Best Ayurveda & Wellness Retreat

Moment you start climbing you get positive vibes and happy feeling.

You are put on an Ayurveda treatment specific to your requirements,once you are examined by professional Ayurveda doctor and team. Veda5 is best combination of yoga , Ayurveda and meditation for complete wellness.

Dining room and big yoga hall is fantastic and beautiful with some great views of mountains.

Loved the weekend live music programme.

Three meals and evening tea were all pure vegetarian and some great variety for gluten free and vegan options.

All the team of Veda5 main concern is your Wellness and their efforts in helping you achieve your purpose of visit make it worth visiting Veda5


Luxurious Retreat

It was a great and wonderful experience being here! Absolutely recommended!

The rooms are damn good, cozy and warm.

The staff, the food absolutely loved it. A must visit.

Without a doubt this is one of the best hotels i have stayed in.

There is so much character to the hotel and rooms themselves. The breakfast spread was amazing.

The bathroom was clean, spacious and full of all complementary toiletries.

Warm and cosy beds.

Highly recommend

Surya Pasricha (New Delhi, India)

Exceptionally Blissful

What can more one get? This place is really a blissful paradise. Offering Wellness and Ayurveda programs to enhance health of everyone. Excellent concept. Must visit and stay. Go. Relax. Cleanse. Rejuvenate.

The staff and the place is amazing.

Will be remembered forever

Antariksh P


Serenity, Beauty,
Peace, Tranquility,
Nestled in Nature’s Hive.
Dear Friend,
Welcome to VEDA 5.

Doshas and Roga
Vanish with Yoga,
Cleansing, Purifying
Body and mind,
All here at VEDA 5.

Stress and Fears,
Anxiety and Tears,
The Noises clear
And Worries disappear
Meditate and strive
At VEDA 5.

Taste food Saatvik,
Experience healing, Kaarmik.
Into your Soul, delve .
Discover your True Self.
Yes, you’ll come Alive
Spiritually, At VEDA 5.

For every problem
A Remedy, A Cure,
In Neelkanth’s Abode
Holy and Pure.

Brimming with Smiles,
Love and Life,
Dear Friend,
Come Home to VEDA 5.

Sudhir Kumar Pasricha


My wife and I started our trip in India at Veda5 and we are so grateful that we did. After 20 hours on planes and having to adjust to a 11.5 hour time difference, this place took such great care of us. We met with the doctor the first afternoon we arrived and instantly knew we were in the right place. We had daily treatments which included traditional Ayurvedic treatments.

Yoga is held twice a day with the morning class being a lighter practice and the afternoon class being more for advanced yogis like my wife. There was also daily sound meditation each afternoon.

What my wife and I miss the most though is the food. Chef Bart is amazing!!! Not only is he an incredible chef but he is genuinely an incredible person. He made sure each meal was prepared to our dietary restrictions and needs. Of our two weeks in India, Chef Bart’s food at Veda5 was no doubt the best.

At the end of our stay the doctor reviewed in great detail a plan for us to take home including diet. You get to spend your days at a gorgeous facility in the midst of the Himalayas. Wow! We only wish we had stayed longer

Andrew D (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

An excellent experience

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Veda5.

I enjoyed one fantastic day and night which included modern amenities and excellent customer service.

I was very impressed with the quality of the Ayurvedic food and Bhart’s passion about the experience of both cooking and eating. Next time I visit I’d definitely join him for a cooking class.

The rooms are spacious and clean and are a serious departure from the standards of rishikesh. Veda5 is very detailed oriented and I found myself satisfied with its high quality offering including yoga and tea time. I also loved the opportunity to have an environment free from the constant sound of construction and movement in rishikesh city life.

Thank you for accommodating my additional requests.

I’d strongly recommend Veda5 to any traveler who needs a break from the usual and wishes the experience the best that’s Rishikesh has to offer.

Evan R

A totally exceptional and amazing experience!

I wanted to go to a yoga retreat before meeting a group tour and through Trip Advisor located Veda 5, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. It was the best decision, the facility is new and immaculate, the staff was welcome and caring, treated us like family, the chef made incomparable vegan food, subtle, warm and nurturing, and the Ayurvedic doctor and treatments opened us up to a different philosophy of well being.

The experience was all encompassing and doing yoga in the sunshine in January surrounded by the Himalayas with birds chirping above us was the icing on the cake.

We had a cooking lesson, fire ceremony, sitar music, and morning coffee brought to the room and we were sent back from dinner with a thermos of warm seasoned milk at bedtime to help us sleep.

On our last day, the manager didn’t want us to leave without seeing the Ganges River, so he arranged for a car and driver to take us there. The facility provides free airport transfers, a very welcome bonus. You can choose what level of service you want to receive, we met a woman who just came for the peace and quiet and was very happy looking at the view.

We wish Stuart, the guest manager, and Parth, the chef many long years at Veda 5 and would love to return.

Roberta W (Skokie, IL, USA)


A wonderful place to forget everything and relax. Best place to take ayurvedic spa treatment. It is a complete relaxation of body and mind. Rooms are very neat and clean and the staff is very courteous as well. Simply five star experience all the way. Love to visit again and again. Highly recommended.



My experience at Veda5 was simply amazing. From the time I arrived to the time I left, the entire staff were genuinely caring and very gracious. The food is divine and the Ayurvedic doctors and specialists superb. The experience was so wonderful, I did not want to leave at the end of my stay.

Yoga and meditation multiple times a day with Good experienced teachers. The scenery is beautiful and exotic. I will be coming back in my next visit to Rishikesh.

Love this place, so very nurturing for the soul.

Josie A

Breathtaking stay…

If you don’t want to read a long review, then I will just say if you’re looking for a peaceful, rejuvenating, relaxing place with amazing Ayurvedic treatments, delicious food and beautiful staff then no need to read further. Book now.

We’ve just returned home from 10 days at Veda5 and leaving there was the hardest thing we’ve had to do…! From the moment our taxi drove us up the winding road to the retreat we knew this place was going to be special. The level of care and customer service we received was indescribable – we were really made to feel like part of the Veda5 family for which we are so grateful.

The rooms are beautifully appointed and so comfortable – they haven’t missed a beat, right down to the warming blankets on the beds at night for when it gets cool. We did an Ayurveda & Yoga package which allowed us to meet with one of the Ayurvedic doctors daily (who was the best MD I’ve ever met) while receiving Ayurvedic treatments (which were absolutely phenomenal).

We have met with other Ayurvedic MD’s previously, but none had the level of knowledge or was able to explain Ayurveda as simply as Dr. Neil – he was brilliant. The therapists in the ‘spa’ are so compassionate and amazing at what they do (a huge thank you to Victoria and Harish).

Food was incredible – I thought I’d get sick of eating curry every day but we couldn’t get enough of the variety of flavours each meal, each food so delicately and simply flavoured. Chef Parth is a master at what he does – if you go, make sure to attend his Ayurvedic cooking class outdoors. His team is also incredible and so helpful at every meal.

Finally, the front desk and management staff – wow, you all really go beyond the call of duty and for that, all of us guests are incredibly grateful. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and your help with everything. We’re already planning our trip back here for next year. Leaving Veda5 was difficult, but we both feel so amazing after being nurtured in the mountains, so thank you so so much for building such a beautiful place.
As a quick note to those who have complained about the wifi…yes, it was a bit spotty but there are hotspot hubs you’re given which makes a huge difference. We did experience one day without any signal whatsoever and as people who have to work and respond to emails every day it was a bit concerning, but we just decided not to worry about it and enjoyed the break from work 🙂
If you’re looking to relax, recharge, be nurtured, be rejuvenated and take a break from the fast pace of life – this is the place for you. If you’re looking to party and stay up late, definitely not the place for you. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Veda5 – the whole experience was absolutely amazing and we feel very blessed to have found Veda5.

lumpysgirl (Toronto, Canada)

Vacation time

We experienced a wonderful vacation for 5 days we Stayed at Veda5. The Resort service is realy great .

The kitchen staff manged by chef’ Parth prepared wonderful food.

Yoga classes were extraordinary good too.

The place is in a quiet green nature and the view is amazing.

The chance encounters with foreign guests have meant that time has passed even more pleasantly and too quickly unfortunately. I can not wait to relive this unique experience again!

Thank you again to all Veda5 team for taking care of me, I feel totally rejuvenated thanks to you all.

Govind P

Amazing experience!!

We travelled to Rishikesh from Singapore for a group retreat for 5 days. Beautiful place and divine atmosphere. Nice way to welcome in tika and mala.

Best part was Holi colour festival which was celebrated at Veda5. Helpful and smiling staff and best vegetarian food ever.

Ayurveda spa was very relaxing and Doctor is humble and intelligent.

Love to come back again. Namaste Veda5

Chon Lee (Singapore, Singapore)

Tranquil – Serene, Stunning, Spectacular Mountain Views

With help from the Hotel Yog Vashishth and Vashishth Guesthouse/Tushar, I found the VEDA5 Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat, Rishikesh.

VEDA5 is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of life living in the big city. I fully enjoyed my 18 peaceful days staying in VEDA5. The Mountain View scenery and the surrounding in VEDA5 are stunning, serene and beautiful with the blooming of the flowers. Not forgetting the organic gardens with various plants.

There are daily Yoga and Meditation classes offered to the guests at the Yoga Hall which is well-designed with the heat warmer. I would like to thank Ira for her patience to teach me the 61 Point Meditation.

The resort rooms are cleaned daily and beautifully arranged with the teamwork of the housekeeping staff, especially Sameer, Yallappa and Dinesh.

I am also impressed to see the professional Ayurveda Doctors onsite providing consultation to the guests. Thank you Dr. S. Singh and Dr. N. Rasal and the trained compassionate therapists with the Panchkarma treatments.

From the Front Office, Dining Hall, Recreation, Wellness to newly built Meditation Cave, the staff are incredibly helpful and approachable for the needs requested.

Thanks to the Front Office staff, Angna, and the Operations Team and Management for their efficient and dedicated effort to provide a very personal touch.

All of the above has combined to make my stay a very heartwarming experience as part of the family of VEDA5.

I will be back again!

Erena G


I had a wonderful stay at Veda5! The setting is stunning, peaceful, staff is kind and gracious. The vegetarian fare is absolutely delicious and nourishing.

Treatments were excellent.Only problem was that my stay was too short- only 3 days. I will definitely be back. Thank you for an amazing unforgettable experience!

Kelley M

A sanctuary of peace and quiet

When I arrived I was in awe, such a beautiful place in a beautiful location. It is build into the side of the hill. The room I had looked out into the mountains and was stunning. The staff were so helpful, friendly and supportive.

The rooms, yoga space and just the layout were perfect.

The dining room staff, particularly one, were so helpful and they all knew I had a dairy intolerance.

The Ayruvedic treatments were just what I needed and the all the staff and Doctor could not have been more helpful.

The food was outstanding, not had such tasty food, I chatted to the Chef who was so friendly and went out of his way to cater for everyone.

Its a sanctuary of peace surrounded by nature, it was quiet and after being in Rishikesh was so nice just to hear the birds.

I recommend this place 100%. You will not be disappointed

willako (Newbury, United Kingdom)

Incredible, Amazing, Relaxing, Rejuvenating and Transforming

Words cannot express how wonderful our stay at Veda-5 was. I was on a yoga retreat with a group of 14 and the staff at Veda-5 made our stay unforgettable.

The simple beauty of the resort was refreshing and breathtaking.

Chef and his staff are delightful and the food is delicious, healthy and just plain incredible. They all went out of their way to make our experience like none other.

The spa was relaxing, balancing and soothing. I had an Ayurvedic massage, shirodhara and the marma energy healing by Sri Devi.

She was wonderfully kind, caring and attentive. I left the spa floating after every treatment. I look forward to the day I can go back to this magical place! Thank you for this experience

Dushyanthi Naveendra

Be at home here!

I can’t call this place other than home like. The reasons behind this is because of their genuine staff who treat you like a family member from the moment you arrive till the moment you leave.

The place is carefully located in the heart of mountains of Rishikesh, around 10km from city buzzing life.

It is tranquil and surrounded by stunning nature. From this place, you can easily walk to a town to pray in a temple, swim under a waterfall, or meet a near by river that leads to Ganga river

The food is beyond amazing, and super yummy despite being super healthy. Not to forget having the best chef in town (chef Parth).

I want to specially thank the staff in kitchen, receptionists and people handling logistics and car shuttles for being beyond graceful in treating their clients – much love

Louay Al Awam (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

5 star ayurveda

Hi! Me and my mother had the chance to have a massage for the day to that beautiful place !

Very good valu for the price and we could enjoy the pool with the treatment.

I wish We could of stay for couple of days or when weeks to do the panchakarma.

We had the pleasure to visit the room, restaurant, yoga hall and etc.. and its amazing.

The service is 5* and we felt complètent welcom. We met an ayurvedic doctor who looked very good also.

Place to recommend!


Veda 5 – Luxury and Wellbeing in Rishikesh

Veda 5 is a luxury retreat in Rishikesh where you can experience the traditional Ayurveda lifestyle and its benefits in a relaxed environment. The retreat offers thereuptic treatments that focus on eliminating stress and rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul.

There are individual healing programs for guests that include massages, yoga, meditation and Organic Ayurvedic meals. The best package that one must book is the Panchakarma treatment which is a highly recommended detoxification treatment of Ayurveda. It eliminates persistent toxins from the body and makes the system energized and relaxed.

My odyssey to wellness –

After an 8.30 am flight from Delhi, I arrived at the Dehradun airport, excited to begin my journey to Rishikesh. A cab from the retreat was sent. It was an hour long journey, and the road was pretty decent towards the retreat.

On arrival, I was welcomed with a chandan tikka and a beautiful drape – a custom that adds a special touch to the warm welcome. I was elated and refreshed by the warm welcome.

First Impressions

The reception area has beautiful elements adorned at each corner. A peaceful and calming aura can be felt the moment you feel comfortable inside.

A relaxing sensation seeps in as you absorb yourself into the environment that is illuminated with subtle hues on the walls and dim lights. The sound of a tiny waterfall gushing at one side with a bamboo plant looks alluring while a statue of Buddha adds to the minimalistic design.

There are books on meditation and yoga stacked neatly on one side and simple yet intricate wall hangings. The upholstery matches up with the simple looks and yet exudes luxury.

The staff at the reception is as welcoming as the vibe of the place. A welcome drink made with ginger, honey and lemon is refreshing and revitalizing. Just what I needed after the hilly ride.

My Luxurious abode –

After the warm welcome, I am escorted to my room which is located a bit far from the reception. The steps seemed tiring, but was worth it when we approached the room.

Named as “ Dhyana” meaning meditation, the room opened up to a beautiful cozy duplex room that had all the comforts of a luxurious room.

Comfortable beds with soft pillows, an almirah to keep valuables and my luggage, a wooden showcase with copper bottle and glasses exhibit the wellness essence to the room.

The washroom has all the amenities from Biotique, which reflect their concern for guests. The wide balcony with a panorama view over the property, and the surrounding mountains is just breathtaking.

I could hear the sounds of birds that were rare to hear in the metropolitan cities we live in. A few minutes later, I am escorted to the restaurant for a warm meal.

Annam – Saatvic paradise

The word Annam is coined by ‘Ann’ which means food. Light food is the most important element for a healthy living. According to Ayuveda, there are three categories of food – saatvic, raajvik and taamsic.

Sattvik is considered the lightest meal while the taamsic is the heaviest one. People with digestive issues must completely stay away from taamsic food.

The retreat is completely devoid of non vegetarian which comes under taamsic category.The vegetables are plucked from their organic farm that is made with very light spices and completely free from heavy seasonings and dressings.

The aim is to serve simple palatable food. The Executive chef, Ashok, comes from an extensive background in culinary expertise. He ensures each dish is made with light ingredients and is delicious to taste.

After being seated in the restaurant, I look around. The décor matches well with the warm hospitality. A small carriage has three jars lined up that contain chia seeds, sesame and pumpkin seeds.

There are different containers of organic tea blends that are lined up neatly.
A copper jar is placed for guests on the carriage. The capacity of the restaurant is enough to fill in almost 70 to 80 people and offers a fantastic view of the mountains. Minutes later, the head chef arrived.

The server served some delicious cream of mushroom soup along with sprout and pomegranate salad. I have to admit this was the most delicious starter I have ever had. Later, he presented a wide thaali with dishes like kadhi, aloo matar, paneer shimla, lauki barfi along with multi grain roti.

The subtle aromas of each dish were simply divine and light. The best thing was that the spices were not dominating the taste of vegetables. Cooked in clarified butter, the dishes tasted delicious and were light on the palette. I preferred to pass the dessert as I wasn’t a big fan of desserts.

I walk towards my room before my consultation with the doctor. After sleeping for thirty minutes, I wake up to the sound of birds chirping in my balcony. A pleasant wakeup call it was indeed. few minutes later, I am escorted to the Ayurveda center called Svastika Panchkarma Center.

Svastika Panchkarma Center –

The smell of incense sticks relax my mind as I step inside. Soft soothing music envelopes the surrounding of the cozy treatment center. My happiness knew no limit as I looked around the center. Paintings of Buddha and potted plants adorn the place.

The dim red lights are bright yet not dominant. Pots filled with water add to the soothing vibe. I am escorted to the doctor’s room for my consultation.

I had a detailed consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor, to determine the right treatments for my condition. She was holding my wrist while telling me the story of my life which was quite surprising.

I realized I had a disturbed liver and it needs immediate attention. The alarming thing she added was that there was a combination of fire and water inside, more like molten lava, which can only nourish if channelized in the right direction.

I was astonished to find this. She also pointed out my weak shoulders that were carrying the weight of stress and negative emotions.

She advised me Nasya treatment – According to the doctor, Nasya has some unexpected benefits like greater clarity of mind and a calmer nervous system.

It is a simple procedure where 3-5 drops of herbalized oil, usually sesame or olive oil, is applied into the nostrils and sniffed. This lubricates the nasal mucosa, leaving them cleansed by the neti and lubricated by the nasya.

The Therapy –

The manager escorted me to the treatment room that was spacious and smelt heavenly. A wooden steam chamber was kept aside the treatment bed. The therapist, a smiling lady from the North

East politely told me to sit on the chair while she dipped my feet in the warm water in the bowl. Minutes later, she made me lie on the bed to begin Nasya. She took a concoction that is made by slowly cooking lubricating and soothing herbs into the oil.

She warms the oil by putting oil in the dropper and holding it under hot water until it is just above body temperature. Later, she tilts my head back as far as possible and asked me to exhale fully.

Then she drops 3-5 drops of oil into each nostril and asked me to sniff deeply. I felt a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but later felt good. I had never realized how much of nasal mucous was present in my system. Although I did feel a bit groggy initially, but a cup of herbal tea soothed my throat and I felt relaxed and at ease.

I thanked the therapist and left the center with a happy and rejuvenated feeling. It was dusk by the time I came out. Everything seemed clean after the light rainfall that happened while I was inside. The clouds could be seen gradually moving over the mountains.

The green hues looked spectacular and I could feel myself a part of the beautiful surrounding. At the Retreat, I met some very friendly foreign nationals who had come for the Panchkarma therapy.

They were from UK and were very impressed with the detox sessions they went through.

It was evening time and according to Ayurveda, an early dinner is necessary for balancing the doshas. The chef had prepared lentil soup with steam carrot and a thaali comprising of daal tadka, lauki coconut stew, stir fried coconut cheese, rice, missi roti, jeera raita. Just like lunch, I devoured my dinner. I was especially in love with the stir fried coconut cheese. It was flavorsome and immensely delicious. I moved towards my room to rest. I slept like a baby and got up to the wake up call by the front office.

reena (New Delhi, India)

A superb retreat

This was my first yoga retreat and it was simply wonderful. The views from the retreat are beautiful, it is quiet and peaceful and the air was clean and refreshing.

There are numerous yoga and meditation classes throughout the day and you just simply turn up and take part.

The food in the restaurant was amazing, if I could eat food of this variety and quality I would definitely become a vegan.

We stayed in a very comfortable, large room for 7 days. From our large balcony we could see the mountains and felt in the midst of nature. We enjoyed 3 days of treatments carried out by extremely competent therapists.

The staff in the resort are incredibly welcoming and cannot do enough to help you. They collected us with a courtesy car from Haridwar and then after our stay dropped us off at the airport. Their positive attitude adds to the pleasure and calmness of the place. We came away feeling totally stress free. Its a lovely resort if you want to get away and relax and I thought it was great value.

The only thing that might be a negative for some people is that there are a great many number of steps. Its good for general fitness if you are physically ok but if you do have issues you need to mention it prior to booking to make sure you are given suitable accommodation.

RoseMoz (London, United Kingdom)

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Utopia in Uttarakhand

Stunning setting- close to Ganges and within Rajiji National Park. Beautiful Modern rooms with stunning mountain views. Hyper attentive competent + caring staff team- right from cleaning and grounds staff, to reception (organizing excursions) to Panchkarma (Ayurvedic Consultation + Treatments) not forgetting the kitchen taste magicians + head chef Parth, yoga teachers + drivers.

We stayed 3 days only -we were orig. booked half board but upgraded our package to include inhouse itinerary of yoga med and treatments or rejuvenation package !! I would rec. and deff come back again for longer. Would also be a perfect base for exploring Haridwar and Rajiji National Park.

It was the perfect antidote and rebalancing to what had been a quite unsettling whistle stop first time visit to India centred around the so called “Golden Triangle” ! 3 real stand out/ take aways for me @ Veda 5 though were taking part in the roof top Hindu fire-flower spring ceremony with local children.

The Panchkarma Centre Rejuve + the daily food delights delivered of course by Parth and his henchmen!!

As an experienced ex- experienced CAM practitioner/ Nutritional Therapist I feel I cannot leave this review without highlighting the gentle manner, care, competence and professionalism of Dr Shuchita and Sheri Devi (sp.?) delivering Tarkadhara and Abhyanga massage treatments to me in the most beautiful treatment rooms!

pickytweeter (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

A Beautiful retreat at the middle of the Himalayas

We spend 2 nights at Veda 5, it’s a beautiful retreat, with SPA, daily yoga classes, Ayurveda treatments, and delicious food.

The staff is very helpful and the location of the Hotel is just amazing, it’s very peaceful.

Mariana Correa (Brazil)

12 days of Panchakarma in Veda5

Wonderful for Panchakarma treatment. Doctors have great knowledge and experience, the front desk, the kitchen team, the massage therapist-great.

Nature-very beautiful, pool-great, quickly travel to Rishikesh.

Michael Ratz

Perfect place to unwind

I booked 2 nights accomodation via tripadvisor, got one of the best rooms (all the way at the top with an epic view of the valley and pool), very lush. Oh and the driver came to pick me up at Rishikesh bus station in an AC car, very pro.

I wish I had a bit more of the understanding of what packages were available at the front desk but then when i went to visit the ayurvedic centre I got my fill. The massages were absolutely great.

What a peaceful environment, I got complimentary yoga and meditation classes led by two fantastic teachers.

And the food, Oh my gosh. Best food I had in my 3 week in India.

Thank you so so much for providing such professionalism in a place which still feels like home.

Would definitely come back!


Great Place.. must visit for all age groups.

Thank you Veda 5 team for making our stay so memorable and comfortable. From the oldest (87yrs) to the youngest (6yrs) in our family enjoyed the stay to the fullest.

Top 5 things which worked so well for us:

Neat, clean and safe property

Great Staff

Amazing Ayurvedic treatments ( special thanks to in house Dr and Sridevi for amazing Panchakarma treatments)

Delicious food

Great location

We will surely come back!!

You are excellent!!

Geetika Kapur (New Delhi, India)

My best Retreat yet!

I’ve been to Yoga and Ayurveda retreats all over South East Asia – Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand… and by far, this is the best! The staff is very welcoming and makes you feel like family, unlike other retreats in India, where the staff don’t give this much attention to you.

The food is not strictly Ayurvedic, but is fusion of Indian and International cuisine, which is a very different concept.

I was expecting to eat Khichri for the 6 days of my stay, but I was amazed to see the variety and deliciousness of the satvik food here…

The best thing here was the view from the room, which is simply unmatchable. Do see the picture attached to get a better insight!

Michaell (New Delhi, India)

The best “Me Time” ever!

I have spent 2 weeks at Veda5 retreat which is located in a great, peaceful and clean natural environment.

I have enjoyed every single details of my stay such as the great kindness and availability of the staff, the very attentive Doctor Singh, the golden hands of my 2 therapists, the delicious dishes from the Chef Sanjay and the special attention from the Front Office team.

They certainly all worked hard to ensure that my stay will be the most pleasant and memorable possible.

Time flew away so fast also by meeting random cool guests from all over the world. I look forward to renewing this unique experience in a near future!

Thank you again to all Veda5 team for taking care of me, I feel totally rejuvenated thanks to you all. Mouna from France.

Mouna N (Nice, France)

Ayurveda at its best

I booked rejuvenation package but changed to Ayurveda.

I opted for stress management wellness package as I am working in corporate and being a software engineer, it’s lot of stress and long sitting hours on computer.

After three days of treatments ( meditation, yoga and massages ) I felt very relaxed and de-stressed.

Dr. prescribed me some medicines for revitalising my body. Here the staff is very friendly and food is pure vegetarian & yummy.

Will definitely come again as soon as possible for more wellness.

Sonal C

Amazing experience @ Veda 5

I am delighted to share my experience at Veda5 wellness retreat at Rishikesh.

I am a frequent traveller who loves trekking and adventure sports. My wife Lucia, whom I met at Dharamshala in 2017, introduced me to yoga & meditation. She is a yoga trainer and travels to Rishikesh every year with her group. This year she wanted me to accompany her along with 8 other group members. I had never been to Rishikesh and was skeptical about the whole idea but agreed as I didn’t have much of a choice.

The turbulent flight from Delhi to Rishikesh added to the woes. Everyone in the group seem to be excited except me. I never thought that this could be a life changing experience.

From the moment we were picked up from airport we felt on the top of the world.

The drive was beautiful. The kindness and hospitality was at its best. When we reached the retreat, we were greeted with traditional indian welcome and a detox drink. We fell in love with the nature at first sight. The retreat was located in the middle if National Park and surrounded by mountain ridges. We could hear birds chirping and singing.

It was very soothing and relaxing. All the meals we had had something special in them.

There were Indian dishes which was delicious as well as healthy. The staff was very cooperative and kind. The room we had deserves special appreciation. We could see a beautiful view from are balcony and during the night we could see millions of stars.

It was just marvellous. The yoga classes which we attended were very helpful. At first I thought that they were useless and non effective but when I took the classes, I felt relaxed and more healthy and athletic. I was very impressed by the yoga teacher who gave me private classes for better understanding.

Last but not the least, the ayurveda spa was remarkable. The ayurveda doctor was very friendly and learned. The massages I had were nothing what I had seen before. They were very effective. The therapist was very kind and took care of me and gave the best treatment. The spa rooms were very beautifully made with view to mother nature.

When it was time to leave, I was so de-stressed and relaxed that I thought I could take on the world. I thank Lucia for this amazing experience and we would definitely visit again.

Gino Ricardo

Excellent blend

Excellent blend of Ayurveda, Modern Science, Technology and Hospitality

Tip: Please go for a complete package with them which includes transfer, stay, meals and panchkarma therapies.

Hospitality: The moment you enter, you are treated like a king with a grand reception.

You will get some nice gifts at checkin & checkout. Staff members were courteous, polite & always willing to go extra mile.

Special mention: Dipak (Manager). Superb personality with a big heart. Always available to listen & resolve your concerns. (5th star is because of him, please do pass on this appreciation). Disha was also nice.

Yoga: Every morning you have complimentary yoga and meditation classes which are very nice and helpful. (Special appreciation for Megha – Yoga Trainer).

Food: Here you will get pure satvik food (free from all kind of sin). Worth trying. Fresh food with great taste. Both Chefs are so nice. Instead of cola drinks you will get detox water, herbal drink and digestive water We all loved it

Ayurveda and Panchkarma: Here we met Dr Neil who diagnosed our problems and suggested various panchkarma therapies. Experience was different and nice but one improvement area for Dr Neil. On our last day of stay our daughter wasn’t well in the morning & we called him 3-4 times for an emergency visit but he didn’t sound too comfortable. Later he came on Dipak’s request after an hour. Special appreciation for Harish – Therapist

Activities to do: Swimming pool, garden swings & activity room where u can enjoy indoor games
Only concern: Flying bugs. Need to take immediate action.

Amandeep Kukreja (New Delhi, India)

The best place to stay in rishikesh

The best place to stay in rishikesh, especially if you’re interested in yoga.

The classes here are genuine and amazing. It was the best time ever. Going here again for sure. It was such a rejuvenating experience.

Arjun R

Relax & Re-energise

Really enjoyed my stay at veda5

1- very comfortable stay in comfortable mountain view rooms.

2- very quiet place one really gets time to recollect oneself.

3- vegetarian very simple and tasty and easily digestible food

4- complimentary morning and evening yoga and meditation classes to open up … really helpful

5- Ayurveda therapies of course after consultation with doctors were very relaxing and eye opening…. as I got to know about my body and how I can help myself to be more healthy

Dp28 (Hyderabad, India)

What a wonderful place

Perfect situated with mountain view from every corner, spacious and calm surroundings.

The food is delicious. Staff is kind and service-minded.

Offers yoga, trek, massage, spa and lots of quite calm surroundings.

My wife, daughter and I stayed for two nights on our way to a trek.

Thomas L (Bangalore, India)

Detox and organic weight loss–‘Best retreat in India’

A lifetime experience and our best decision to stay at Veda5, we feel so rejuvenated, relaxed, happy after 12 days of memorable stay.

The entire team is friendly and service oriented.

The place in itself is charming with indian culture, paintings and handicrafts all around.

The ayurveda doctors, spa, yoga and wellness team is incredible.

Would love to re-visit and lose few more kilos next year.

arjun singh (New Delhi)

Outstanding visit

I loved my time here! Everyone was attentive, kind, they all went the extra mile in terms of every detail.

I highly recommend every aspect of the stay and resort from the food that was absolutely delicious, healthy and so very tasty, the bedrooms / bathrooms, activities, company, the energy / atmosphere of the place.

It’s such a wonderful location and such lovely people, the Chef,( fantastic healthy cooking and beautiful manner,) all the staff, drivers, cleanliness everything! The scenery is absolutely wonderful too and very quiet and serene.

There is a special atmosphere here in the foothills of the Himalayas.I can’t fault this place and highly recommend to all.

Thank you such very much to everyone at Veda 5, I met some amazing people here and had such a beautiful holiday.


Soaring experience!

Veda5 is heaven on earth. The food is wonderful – so healthy, light and flavorful.

The doctors are wise and gentle.

The therapists are compassionate, knowledgeable, effective.

The rooms are beautiful and comfortable, with soaring views of the lower Himalayas.

It is truly a divine retreat.

Laura P (San Diego, California, USA)

Amazing and Serene place

The place is quite amazing and I have fallen in love with it.

The serenity and calmness of the place makes it worth to visit. I felt inner peace at this place.

It was quite a life changing experience for me I had also learnt Yoga and meditation at this place.

Dr. Arora


I’ll start with what Veda5 isn’t – a luxury resort close to town.

Instead it’s authentic retreat Centre within a national park away from it all. And that to me is way much more special & worth the journey.

The food is top notch – using organic vegetables all grown in their own garden. It’s made with great care and in accordance with Ayurvedic principles. The team of waiters and chefs love what they do and did a great job caring for us.

The cultural entertainment with dinner was charming and a bonus.

Spa is just lovely and front desk staff super kind & thoughtful.

I’m loath to mention names because everyone was delightful.

But special mention to Himanshu & his team. And Engelna (spelling sorry) & Meaghna. Quite frankly if it’s wasn’t a 20+ hour commute I’d be moving in.

travellingNicola (Wellington, New Zealand)

Heavenly paradise on Himalayas

Heavenly paradise on Himalayas.

Beautiful location, Comfortable rooms, Great vegetarian cuisine, Beautiful gardens and pool.

Authentic ayurveda center, Great doctor, Fantastic yoga teacher, Warm staff. See you soon.


A Great get away

Had an unforgettable experience in Rishikesh thanks to the team at Veda5 (Rajesh Shrestha, Megha Mittal and Master Negi).

From the great organic food to traditional Ayurvedic treatments and yoga I really felt at home.

One of the most specialist places I have been.

Ashley Hamilton (USA)

Absolutely heavenly

I expected to love my stay at Veda5 … it exceeded everything I could imagine!

The staff is extremely gracious and works to make sure every detail is taken care of.

Rooms are lovely and all have breathtaking views. The food is so delicious, so healthy, so amazing.

The resident Ayurvedic doctors are knowledgeable and not only design treatment plans, teach as much as you want to learn, but send you home with complete discharge instructions for maintaining health.

The yoga teachers were awesome…I now look at yoga in a completely different way.

The location nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas is beautiful, peaceful, serene.

I highly recommend Veda 5 for rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit. It is truly amazing. I would return to India just to go to Veda 5.

cherylws (Vancouver, Canada)

Soulful holiday

Its an awesome place for quiet n serene time. I loved their yoga n meditation time table. Infact I would say that is their uniqueness. Journey begins with a hearty smile of Angana at the reception who is forever smiling. Deepak,the manager, makes everything possible for you.

The yoga instructors Megha and Eera have a wonderful soothing voice….during dance meditation with Megha I almost went into another world. Benita, the masseur, has magical hands.

Food is so rich n authentic… so close to nature. The Annam staff, Bijoy, Saurav, Bijender and Ajay, the chef pour every meal with love and dedication that makes it even more palatable.

Would love to go back and spend more time anyday.

Keep it up guys!

Parul Kohli (New Delhi, India)

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