Honey is One of The 3 Best Medicines by Veda5, Best Ayurveda & Yoga Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh, Kerala & Goa, India

Honey is One of The 3 Best Medicines by Veda5, Best Ayurveda & Yoga Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh, Kerala & Goa, India

Honey is regarded as one of the best three medicines in the world and best remedy against Kapha dosh

Today world talks elaborately about medicinal properties of honey. But the fact that Ayurveda experts from India were familiar with them thousands of years ago is quite astonishing. Their understanding about honey’s medicinal properties was so deep that they regarded honey as one of the best three medicines in the world and best remedy against Kapha dosh.

Honey does not aggravate Kapha dosh

Generally substances tasting sweet aggravate Kapha dosh and can increase weight in course of time. But Ayurveda experts knew that honey is an exception to this. In spite of being sweet, it does not aggravate Kapha dosh but in fact reduces it and also brings down weight over the period of time.

Honey for wound healing

Ayurveda experts knew about wound healing properties of honey. They capitalized these properties in many ways. That’s why honey is applied externally on mouth ulcers and body wounds in Ayurvedic treatments. In peptic ulcers it is given orally to initiate healing of ulcers.

Honey against numerous so-called infectious conditions 

Ayurveda experts have not said that honey is bactericidal or has antimicrobial properties. However they have recommended honey against numerous so-called infectious conditions like cough, cold, fevers, diarrheas, tuberculosis and so on. This shows that they were aware about honey’s efficacy against such so-called infectious diseases.

Anthelmintic property of honey

The anthelmintic property of honey was known to Ayurveda experts. Their suggestion to use honey against intestinal worms clearly proves it. Though many sweet things like backery products and chocolates create conducive environment for the growth of abdominal worms, honey proves an exception even here. It does not support the growth of worms but helps in destroying them.

Honey for children

Honey’s use in children’s diseases is something that Ayurveda experts have advocated. Due to its sweet taste, children readily like and eat the honey. Furthermore, it proves quite effective against cough & cold, fevers, diarrhoeas and other ailments commonly seen among children. That’s why Ayurveda experts have preferred it for children.

Honey has long shelf life

Being a natural product, honey has long shelf life. Ayurveda experts were aware of this. Crystal formation is a common occurrance seen in honey. If not used for few months, honey loses its fluidity and becomes solid due to crystallization. Many common people misinterprete it and assume that honey has got spoiled and become useless. But that’s not right. Crystal formation does not destroy honey’s medicinal properties. So one may use honey even after crystal formation.

Avoid excessive consumption of honey

While they spoke elaborately about honey’s medicinal properties, Ayurveda experts have also warned against excessive consumption of honey. According to them, indigestion of honey can be fatal. Similarly regular excess intake of honey can cause numerous ill-effects like weight loss and dryness in body.

Honey should never be cooked directly on fire

Ayurveda experts also mention that honey should never be cooked directly on fire. Such exposure to fire can destroy useful properties of honey. Honey which is at room temperature is best for consumption.


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