Kati Vasti Ayurveda Treatment for Lower Back Pain Management in Rishikesh

Kati Vasti Ayurveda Treatment at Best Retreat in Rishikesh - Veda5

Kati Vasti Ayurveda Treatment for Lower Back Pain Mgmt. at The Best Retreat in Rishikesh, India

Kati Vasti is most effective Ayurveda therapy for back pain. The term ‘Kati’ refers to lower back area. In this therapy, warm medicated oil is retained in lower back area after making a rim with black gram dough around spine for particular time.

Procedure:  First patient is asked to lie down on his/her belly (prone position) in a comfortable position. Then a rim is made with black gram dough around lower back (lumbo-sacral region). We have to ensure that it should be leak proof, then medicated warm oil (as per the medical condition) around 150 ml to 250 ml is poured into it. We have to maintain uniform temperature of oil throughout the therapy, for that we reheat the oil and continue the therapy for advised time. At last gentle massage is followed by Potali swedan (dry or leaf bolus) for better effect.

Duration of therapy: 30 to 40 minutes.

Course of treatment: 7 to 14 days and further depends on condition of patient.

Oils used for Kati Vasti:

Shacharadi oil – Radiculopathy

Murivenna oil – Mechanical low back pain

Kottamchukyadi oil – Lumbar spondylosis

Mahamasha taila – chronic degenerative changes in lower back.

 Combinations of these oils are used as per disease conditions.

Narayan taila, Dhanwantram taila, Pinda taila, Nirgundi taila, Prasarani taila

Mode of action of Kati Vasti:

Dalhan Acharya has explained in detail about the absorption of oil in body through skin. Oil reaches to the tissues (from Rasa to Asthi) during procedure due to heat and medicinal effect of herbs.

Charak Acharya described that vata (combination of air + space element) is dominant in skin. So through medicated oil and heat on body (lower back), we can subside the aggravated vata and associated symptoms like inflammation, pain, stiffness.

Beneficial for:

Lumbar Spondylosis, Inter vertebral disc prolapses, Lumbago, Sciatica, Ankylosing spondylitis, Radiculopathy, mechanical backache.

As preventive treatment, we can take this therapy to strengthen & nourish the spine. It relieves stiffens and pain due to daily work.

Various types of Vasti as per their site:

Greeva Vasti (Neck region), Janu Vasti (Knees), Shiro Vasti (on Head), Hridya Vasti (on Heart region), Uro Vasti (Chest region), Prishta Vasti (on spine)

Why Kati Vasti is special & effective at Veda5?

  • We have highly experienced team of Ayurveda doctors, who ensure each and every therapy is performed under their supervision. Our Panchakarma technicians are well trained having several years of experience, so finally we get desired result in our procedures.
  • Our medicines are prepared in house for therapy at our Ayurveda lab and pharmacy.
  • We start our treatment with the prayer of Lord Dhanwantri for his blessings to heal.
  • We follow traditional method of Kati Vasti with scientific approach to get optimum result.
Kati Vasti - Best Ayurveda in Rishikesh India at Veda5 Luxury Retreat

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