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NOW Panchkarma Possible Round the Year at Veda5, The Best Retreats in India

New approach to 365 days Panchkarma according to Season

Seasonal variations directly impact the health status of a human being. This is one of the fundamental principles of Ayurveda to treat diseases, afflicting the human body and mind, at the time of changing season.  Ayurveda simultaneously is not restricted by the seasonal variations but also offers  all season remedies like detoxification, healing and rejuvenation solutions.

The atmospheric fluctuations caused by the changing seasons create a disturbance in the equilibrium of the mahabhutas, the five elements- Akash (Ether/Space), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jala (Water) and Prithvi (earth). This in turn impact and imbalance the physiological constitution (Prakruthi) of a human being represented by the three Bio-elements– Vata, Pitta & Kapha  and his psychological character represented by the properties (Gunas) – Sattva (intelligence, purity, goodness imparts balance), Rajas (energy, passion, activity causing imbalance) and Tamas (substance, inactivity, dullness, lethargy creating inertia).

Imbalance in bio-elements (humors) and gunas tend to in-flip to a one-of-a-kind disease. If one takes care of this by performing purification (Shodhana) in each season may additionally pacify the vitiated dosha and help in stopping the ailments. These will act as preventive, promotive and curative measures.

Let’s understand the concept of season in Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda nature shows different seasons. These seasons do show impact on human body and mind, which can be good or bad. The bad impact can produce unwanted things in excess quantity which should be taken out by appropriate way. Here Panchakarma plays an important role in healthy person’s life as well as in diseased persons too.

There are six seasons described in Ayurveda in a year. Each season is generally categorized in two month periods. The division is as follows:
Panchakarma around the year at Veda5 - Indian seasons
‘Ritu-sandhi’ or the changing period, of about 15 days, is considered to be bad for health since a lot of changes happen with the climate in this short period of time. If body resistance is low, various diseases or symptoms can get established easily, e.g., season change gives allergic cough and cold to large number of population. Seasons vary in various combinations at various places depending on solar displacement at that point on earth.

Status of bio-humors in accordance to Season

Acharya Charaka said, “ in Spring season (Vasantha ritu), due to sturdy Sun rays, it produces accumulation of Pitta. To pacify this in Autumn season(Sharad ritu) consumption of Bitter, Ghee, Purgation therapy and Bloodletting therapy are carried out to  redress.

In winter season (Hemantha ritu) accumulated kapha gets liquified in Spring season because of Sun rays. In addition, leads to lower the Digestive power, produces exceptional diseases etc.

In Spring season, gathered kapha have to be eliminated via Vamanadi samshodhana chikitsa.“

Status of bio-elements (humors) as per 6 seasons according to Ayurveda

Late winter (Shishira) – Accumulation (Chaya) of Kapha

Spring (Vasanta) – Aggaravation (Prakopa)  of Kapha

Summer (Greeshma) – Accumulation of Vata & Palliation of Kapha

Monsoon (Varsha) – Aggravation of Vata & Accumulation of Pitta

Sharad(Autumn) – Palliation of Vata & Aggravation of Pitta

Hemanta(Pre-winter) – Palliation of Pitta

Status of bio-humors as per 3 seasons all over the world

Winter season – Aggravation of pitta, palliation of pitta. Accumulation of kapha

Summer season –  Aggravation of kapha, palliation of kapha. Accumulation of vata and pitta.

Rainy season –  Aggravation of vata, palliation of vata. Accumulation of pitta and palliation .

Today’s quality of food and dietary habits, lifestyle and changes in seasons are often the cause of saturation of toxins in the body, these are also the cause for vitiation of the imbalance of humors(Doshas). Unless and until the body becomes free from this impurities(Mala), Aam (toxic materials), and vitiated Doshas, the desired health state cannot be sustained or achieved.

The change of seasons and the ensuing disturbances lead to derangement in the bio-elements (vata, pitta & kapha) and psychic elements (gunas), leaving the human being exposed to a Sanchaya (accumulation), the first stage of disease. As the change of the season continues, the human being if he ignores his condition, exposes himself to Prakopa (vitiation). He can bring the vitiated vata, pitta or kapha (doshas) back to normalcy with due diligent diet and medical interventions though it is held that Nature too shows mercy as the next change of season helps naturally Shaman (pacification) of the condition.

Once doshas get accumulated  and aggravated, it is necessary to eliminate vitiated doshas from body to avoid formation of chronic diseases. If neglected they aggrevated seasonally in starting stage after some time if not treated or detoxified, the symptoms occur for 365 days.

Keeping the complete scenario in mind, the needs of the guests irrespective of prevailing weather conditions at their place, Veda 5 Wellness has opened its branches in different places with different weather conditions at the same time to give the best results and not to worry about the changing seasons.

Good time for Panchakarma in different branches of Veda 5 wellness centers

  • In Rishikesh, Uttarakhand – 365 days a year
  • In Goa – July to next March
  • In Cochin, Kerala – June to next February

Therapeutic effect of Panchakarma:

Increases the activities of Enzymes, Rehabilitation, makes the senses active, maintains the calmness of mind, increases the intelligence, improves the strength, complexion, Virility, promote the fitness and extend aging.

Different Pancha-karma along with upa-karma are offered in distinctive seasons as follows:

In rainy season: Basti, Udvarthana, Abhyanga, Swedana, Dhuma, Anjana are indicated.

In Vasanta: Vamana, Upkarmas like Shiro Abhyang,Dhuma, Gandhusha, Navana Nasya, Vyayama, Basti should be administered

In Sharad: Virechana, and Raktamokshana. Upkarmas like Shiro dhara, lepana,   Consumption of medicated fats like Tikta Ghrita

In Hemanth ritu: Basti,  upakramas like Abhyanga with Vatahara taila, Utsadana, Murdhni taila, Jenthaka sweda, Padaghata are advised. Vata taila prayoga.

In Grishma ritu:  Virechana, upakramas like Pralepa. Shatika shali Pinda sweda, Ksheer dhara.

In Shishira ritu:  Basti, Abhyanga, Patra pottali swedana and shiro picchu.

Note: Nasya  karma – different type of nasya is advised in all seasons. In severe dry weather strategies like Abhyanga, Utsadana, and Murdhni taila are also beneficial.

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