Secret of Sleep by Veda5 Ayurveda & Yoga Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh, Kerala & Goa, India

Secret of Sleep by Veda5 The Best Ayurveda Yoga Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh Kerala Goa India

Sleep Plays Many Important Roles in the Body

Like food, water & oxygen, sleep too is a basic requirement of every organism. Humans are also not an exception to it. Its significance for sustenance of health & life are beyond any doubt. Apart from giving rest to various body systems, sleep also plays many important roles in the body. In children it induces growth. In injured and ill people, it accelerates the healing process. Sleep fastens cell reproduction and hormone secretion. It also harmonizes brain chemistry and helps alleviate pains, mental stresses, fears, and depression.

Night Sleep is a Natural Process

While night sleep is a natural process, different opinions exist about the effects of day sleep or siesta. Many people have a habit of napping after lunch. Those who work night shifts also need to sleep during the day to compensate for their night sleep. But as a matter of fact, day sleep has different effects on body physiology than night sleep. All positive benefits of sleep mentioned above are best obtained from night sleep. Day sleep can have some undesirable effects on body physiology and health in general.

Ayurveda Forbids Day Sleep

Sleep essentially slows down metabolic processes in the body. The body’s basal metabolic rate declines after sunset. Many systems of the body therefore work at slower pace and require relatively less energy after sunset. Metabolic slowdown induced by sleep therefore proves conducive to the body and in a way conserves body energy. During the day, however, different systems of the body remain in active mode and carry our various physiological functions. So, their energy demand remains high. Day sleep can reduce metabolic rate, constrict body channels, and deprive body systems of energy. This in turn affects their overall functioning. That’s why Ayurveda forbids day sleep. Regular, prolonged day sleep can affect food digestion, cause constipation, hyperacidity, swellings & weight gain and create conducive environment for diabetes. Nonetheless, day sleep is helpful for those suffering from fever, diarrhea, debilitating diseases, painful conditions, and mental traumas. Ayurveda also allows day sleep during hot summer.

Ayurveda on Siesta after Lunch

New research has highlighted some more aspects of siesta after lunch. Researchers have observed that a 20 to 30 minutes nap after lunch proves beneficial to health. It reduces blood supply to the brain. This gives the body a chance to supply more blood to the digestive system where the process of food digestion is underway. Such a nap also resolves heavy feeling caused by meals and activates the brain. However before taking such nap, Ayurveda suggests making a gentle walk of about 100 feet and then lie on the left side of body during siesta. Since the stomach is located on the left side in abdomen, lying on left side increases blood supply to stomach and helps process of digestion. A nap longer than 30 minutes can have a negative impact on body systems & body physiology and is therefore not recommended.

Some Rules for Good Sleep & Health

The problem of day sleep is major for those who need to work in night shifts and sleep during day. Surveys have confirmed that such people tend to suffer from certain health problems, especially when their age starts creeping. Diseases of digestive system, liver, cardiovascular systems, diabetes, and obesity are far more prevalent among these people than in others. There is no definite solution to their problems. But such people should avoid other possible causes of ill-health by maintaining following discipline:

They should exercise regularly and keep their body weight under control.

They should avoid non-veg items and high calorie foods.

They should stay away from all kinds of addictions and avoid tobacco, alcohol, drugs, black tea and coffee.

They should regularly perform Yog & meditation.


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