Ayurveda Liver Detox in Kerala, India

Liver disease can lead to damaging digestion, immunity & other bodily systems

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Liver Detox Package


Why liver disease is a concern?

– Liver is said to be the Engine of the Body.

– It is responsible for digestion, metabolism and producing essential compounds for healthy body.

– Liver purifies the blood.

– Any liver disease will affect these processes which results in damaging other systems mainly digestion and immunity.

– If left untreated, will result in cirrhosis which can be fatal.

Causes for liver disorders

– Excessive over intake of alcohol and hepatitis viral infection are the main cause.

– Today’s fast lifestyle and junk foods play a vital role in causing liver diseases [NAFLD] Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in men and women equally.

How important is liver detox?

– As per WHO, every 1 in 5 Indians has liver disease (known and unnoticed).

– Liver disease does not show any signs or symptoms until it is heavily damaged.

– Hence proper liver care is important.

Minimum Stay is 10-12 Nights

Rates Per Night (In INR)

*GST extra as applicable


How Veda5 Ayurveda Liver Detox works?

– Doctors at Veda5 understand the Patient/Client after a detailed consultation.

– Doctors diagnose the stage of liver disorder as different stages require treatments in various intensities.

– Different Ayurvedic herbal decoctions are freshly made and given to the patients according to their health.

– Individualised diet is prescribed to each person.

– Detox Panchkarma therapy is advised after Nadee Pariksha.

– Minimum stay of 10-12 days is required for Detox Program.

(Duration may vary according to conditions)

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