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What is Udwartanam?

Massaging  the body with medicinal powder or paste applying specific pressure, in prathiloma (reverse) direction (from feet towards the head) is called Udwartanam.

Charaka used the word Shareera Parimarjana instead of Udwarthana.

According to Vagbhata,Udwarthana is to be regularly carried out after vyayama (exercises) as a part of dinacharya.

It is indicated in Athisthoulya (obesity) and in Kaphaanubandha Vata vyadhi.


According to Charaka, 2 types:

a. Snigddha, which is indicated in emaciation

b. Rooksha, which is indicated in in obesity

According to Sushrutha, 2 types:

a. Utsaadhana

b. Uthgharshana

Materials Required

a. Suitable choorna (coarse fine) – 500g

(like Aaragwadhaamruthadi choorna, Eladi choorna, Nimbadi choorna, Triphala choorna, Jatamayaadi choorna and Kolakulatthadi choorna)

b. Vessels (iron)                                                                                                        –     1

c. Raasnadi choorna – 5g

d. Towel –  1

e. Medicated snana choorna –  quantity sufficient

f. Masseurs –   2

g. Attendant –  1


  • The patient is to be seated on a droni.
  • Abhyanga is to be done if required.
  • The prescribed choorna is warmed using a heated vessel.
  • Handful of the above powder is to be taken and massaged in prathiloma direction,commencing from the feet.
  • The pressure to be applied is to be based on the condition of the patient.
  • This procedure is to be carried out in all the seven positions mentioned earlier.


Usually to be carried out for 7- 14 days

30-45 minutes daily

Preferably in morning hours


  1. Alleviates kapha and vatha dosha
  2. Liquifies kapha and medhas
  3. Removes twak sthitha mala
  4. Body tissues and organs will become strong
  5. Improves the texture of skin and absorption capacity
  6. Siraamukha vishodhana ( opens the micro circulatory channels)
  7. Produce the feeling of lightness in the body
  8. Eliminates bad smell from skin and the body
  9. Alleviates drowsiness and relieves itching

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