Upanaham by Veda5, Best Ayurveda & Yoga Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh, Kerala & Goa, India

Upanaham by Veda5, Best Ayurveda & Yoga Wellness Retreat in Rishikesh, Kerala & Goa, India

The word Upanaha means to Bandage in Sanskrit. It is the process of applying a warm herbal paste to the affected body parts, which is followed by bandaging and with this process we produce heat (sweda) on the affected localised area.  Upanaha done during the day time is to be removed at night and vice versa. It is usually done in Sandhigatha vata, Pakshaghata etc.


  1. Medicinal powders (like Naagaradi choorna, Jataamayadi choorna, kottamchukkadi choorna, etc. according to the dosha pradhanya) : 50-100 g
  2. Bandage cloth : 1
  3. Leaves of eranda, arka etc. : q.s
  4. Amla dravya (Dhanyamla takra, vinegar) : 50-100 ml
  5. Oil for upanaha : 50 ml
  6. Oil for abhyanga : 30 ml
  7. Saindhava : 20 – 30 g
  8. Attendent : 1


  • Medicine for upanaaha can be made with or without heating according to the disease.
  • Choorna, Saindhava, thaila, amla dravya etc. are added in order to make it into a paste.
  • Then it must be heated in case of saagni upanaha up to 39-41*c, or may be applied as such in case of niragni upanaha.
  • Skin sensitivity is to be tested before starting the actual procedure.


  • The patient is allowed to be in a comfortable position, exposing the joint or the body part to be tied with the upanaaha dravya.
  • That area of the body cleaned and abhyanga is to be done locally with lukewarm oil.
  • The prepared upanaaha dravya combination then is to be pasted on the required area of the body as a thick paste uniformly in about 1-2 cm thickness and is to be covered with the available vathahara pathra (leaves) after warming them slightly.
  • Then it is to be covered and tied with a bandage cloth. According to the area, suitable bandaging techniques are to be adopted.
  • It is usually done in the evening so that it can remain there for about 12 hours.
  • Bandhana is mandatory. The suitable bandage is to be applied in a position which is comfortable to the patient.


After removing the Upanaha dravya from the body, that body area is to be washed well with lukewarm water.

The process is to be repeated on consecutive days for the prescribed period.

It itching in present then apply pinda or Brihat pinda thaila.


  1. The bandage is to be neither too tight nor loose.
  2. The Upanaha dravya must be of suitable consistency, so that it is to not fall off from its position.
  3. It is to not be applied over wounds.
  4. Sensitivity of the skin is to be checked before the procedure.
  5. It is better to avoid any oil application for the first 2-3 days.

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