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Human body is composed of five elements i.e. Pancha Maha Bhutas (air, water, fire, ether and earth) and their imbalance in human body causes diseases and their treatment by using rational use of these five elements without drugs and surgery is called Nature cure or Naturopathy.

Benefits of Naturopathy Therapies

Naturopathy teaches us a healthy lifestyle by changing living habits of the patient.

  • Through Naturopathy therapies one can learn how to live, what, when, where and how much to eat and how one’s Daily routine should be for maintaining healthy lifestyle.
  • Through Naturopathy therapies one can regain overall Health and regain energy.
  • Through Naturopathy therapies one can treat lifestyle ailments from its root cause with no side effects.
  • Naturopathy therapies helps to eliminate accumulated morbid matters from the body i.e. remedy for every disease.
  • Naturopathy therapies provide a supportive medium to the body to heal itself.
  • Through Naturopathy Therapies one can boost immunity and detox body through Holistic approach.

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General Therapies used in Naturopathy are stated below

1. Hydrotherapy

  • Water has been used as a valuable therapeutic measures for maintaining health and prevention of disease due to its remedial properties and beneficial effects on human body.
  • Taking Bath with clean, fresh water improves blood circulation, opens skin pores and provide freshness to the body and boost muscular tone, aids digestion and eliminates morbid matters from the body.
  • Modalities used are Hip Bath, Foot and Arm Bath, Spinal Bath, Immersion Bath, Enema, Steam Bath, Sauna Bath, Compress, Fomentation, GH Pack , Liver Pack, Kidney Pack, Chest Pack, Abdominal Pack, Full Wet Sheet Pack, Circular Jet Bath, Douches, Jacuzzi, Water Wave Bath and etc.

2. Mud Therapy

  • Mud / clay should be clean without impurities and taken from 3 to 4 feet depth from the surface of the ground may be used due to its refreshing, invigorating , detoxifying and vitalizing effects in body for treating diseases or regaining health.
  • Mud helps to absorbs and eliminates the toxic substances from the body, provides coolness and relaxation to the body, improves the blood circulation into the body , relieves general pain ,stiffness and chronic inflammation inside the body, provide relieves from indigestion, constipation, acidity, Diabetes, Fatty liver ,obesity , etc. , also helpful in various skin conditions such as psoriasis , leucoderma , urticaria ,dermatitis ,acne ,dark spots ,wrinkles etc.
  • Modalities used are Mud Packs, Full Mud Bath, Herbal Mud Bath and etc.

3. Massage Therapy

  • Massage is derived from the Greek word “Massier” means “to knead”. It is the process of therapeutic manipulation of soft tissues of the body to preserve health or treat diseases.
  • General body Massage tones up the nervous system, improves respiration ,boost blood circulation ,metabolic processes going inside the body, removes waste material and toxic matters from the body through eliminative organs such as lung , kidney, skin , intestine ,etc, eases stiffness and provide relaxation, strengthens muscles, reduces body weight and boost body immunity .
  • Different types of Massage used in Naturopathy are Swedish massage, Hot Stone Massage, Vibro Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Salt Glow Massage, Local Massages to Affected areas and etc.

4. Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapies

  • Acupuncture Therapy
    • Acupuncture is the Traditional Chinese medicine used for balancing flow of energy ”chi” by clearing blockage of energy in various meridian present in the body through stimulating the various acupuncture points to stimulate the nerves and muscles for treating specific ailments.
    • Acupuncture involves insertion of fine stainless needles into the body followed by manual or electro stimulation of nerves and muscles to get relief from Musculoskeletal, neurological and hormonal, Digestive diseases etc.
    • Modalities used are Manual stimulation Acupuncture, Dry Needling , Electro Acupuncture, Acupuncture through Moxibation etc.
  • Cupping Therapy
    • Cupping is the traditional Chinese medicine therapy in which local vacuum suction is created on the skin to get relief from various painful ailments by increasing blood circulation to the affected areas or removing impure blood from affected area.
    • Modalities used are- Dry cupping, Fire cupping, Oil cupping, wet cupping etc.
  • Acupressure
    • Acupressure is a type of massage in which manual pressure either through thumb or jimmy is applied to various acupressure points on the body to stimulate specific channels of the body for various therapeutic purposes.
    • It helps in free flow of chi by clearing blockage in meridian through stimulating various nerves and muscles in the body.
    • Acupressure is very effective in providing relaxation , improving blood circulation and in various Neurological, Digestive, Metabolic, Cardiac and Painful diseases.

5. Magneto Therapy

  • Magneto therapy is the science of healing by the application of magnets to desired part or whole part of human body externally and internally through magnetized water or oil for treating various diseases.
  • It works on the principle that disease is caused due to imbalance between various electromagnetic forces present in the body.
  • Modalities used are Magnetic head and knee belt, Necklace, chair, Goggles , bracelet , magnetized oil and water, Permanent magnets etc.
  • Magneto therapy is very effective in all painful conditions, bleeding through wounds, cuts, burn, infection, kidney stones, indigestion , acidity, muscle weakness, hypertension, headache, stress, Depression etc.

6. Chromo Therapy

  • Chromo therapy is the science of healing in which VIBGYOR colors are used either on whole body or desired body part to treat various ailments.
  • Based on the principle that disease is caused due to deficiency of particular color in the human body and restoration of particular color helps in regaining health.
  • Modalities used are chromo cabinet, Infra-Red Radiations, color charged water and oils etc.
  • Chromo therapy is very effective in Arthritis, Kidney stones, insomnia, constipation, migraine, ulcers, fever, high blood pressure, stress etc.

7. Air Therapy

  • Air therapy is art of healing in which person should exposed at least 20 mins daily to fresh air in early morning and late afternoon after removing clothes or wearing light cotton clothes at lonely clean place .
  • It is very effective in treating lung diseases, insomnia, stress , provides relaxation , energizes the body ,opens skin pores and removing waste matter from the body.
  • Modalities used- Fresh air bath, Pranayama, breathing exercises etc.

8. Heliotherapy / Sun Bath

  • Sun bath is art of healing in which person should exposed at least 20-30 mins daily to sunlight with wearing minimum clothes between 8 am – 10 am in morning and 5pm -6 pm in evening in summer and  between 11 am -12:00 pm in winters in India.
  • Modalities used are Full body sun bath, Plantain leaf bath, Green house Thermoleum , etc.
  • Very Effective in vitamin D deficiency conditions such as Rickets , osteoporosis, obesity, painful ailments by increasing blood circulation ,various skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema etc. by removal of toxins from the body and energizes the human body.

9. Diet Therapy

According to Hippocrates ‘Food is the Medicine, Medicine be the food’

  • In Naturopathy, satvik food must be taken in Wholesome, Raw, uncooked form with minimum nutrients loss.
  • Fresh seasonal fruits, Green leafy vegetables/ Green vegetables, sprouts , soaked dry fruits and seeds are excellent choice.
  • According to Naturopathy Diet is divided into 3 categories:
    • Eliminative Diet – Helps in eliminates toxins from the body.
      • Contains liquid diet – lemon honey water, citric fruit juices, coconut water, barley water, wheatgrass juice, buttermilk, vegetable juices etc.
    • Soothing Diet – Helps in soothening the body.
      • Consists of Seasonal Fruits, Raw / cooked salads, boiled /steamed seasonal green leafy vegetables, sprouts, soaked seeds and dry fruits, vegetable chutney ,veg soup, veg khichadi ,veg daliya etc.
    • Constructive Diet – Helps in repairing the Damaged cells and regaining the vitality.
      • Contains wholesome Flour, brown rice, moong pulses, sprouts, curd, steamed green leafy vegetable curry etc.

10. Fasting Therapy

  • Fasting is the process of complete abstinence of food for particular period of time for health preservation and treating disease.
  • Fasting provides complete rest to the digestive system, preserves energy and removes toxins from the body and boost immunity.
  • Fasting is very effective in treating indigestion, constipation, gas, obesity, high blood pressure, asthma, psoriasis, urticaria, acne etc.

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