Introduction to Naturopathy and its Basic Principles by Veda5 Retreat in Rishikesh, Kerala & Goa, India

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What is Naturopathy?

It is an art and science of Healthy living and drugless or non-invasive system of healing on physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual planes of living by using rational use of elements freely available in nature such as water, air, fire, space & earth.

Why one can choose Naturopathy?

– Naturopathy focuses on Health Promotion, Disease prevention as well as restoration of Health.

– Through Naturopathy one can learn how to live to remain Healthy.

– Naturopathy allows our Body to heal itself.

– Naturopathy focuses on treating ailments from its root cause by identifying the root cause.

– Naturopathic treatments having no side effects.

– Naturopathy treatments don’t harm anyone.

– Naturopathy basically focuses on lifestyle related ailments such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid, obesity, Fatty liver, stress, insomnia, anxiety, constipation, hyperacidity, PCOD, osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, sciatica, cervical spondylitis etc.

– Naturopath guides you as a teacher for maintaining good health.

Hydrotherapy Naturopathy Treatment in Rishikesh - Best Retreat in India

Basic Principles of Naturopathy

– All Disease, causes and treatments are one i.e. accumulations of morbid matters in the body and their elimination from the body is the remedy.

– Nature is the greatest healer & Body has a tendency to heal itself from disease and regain health.

– In Naturopathy, whole person is treated not the specific disease.

– In Naturopathy, Acute diseases are itself a cure and chronic diseases are outcomes of suppression of acute diseases or wrong Treatments.

– Naturopathy focuses on identifying the causes of illness and treating them from root cause.

– Naturopathy treatments don’t harm anyone.

– In Naturopathy, Doctor acts as a Teacher and educates the patient for maintaining good health.

– Germs don’t causes any disease but it can be present in Disease condition.

– Naturopathy Focuses on Prevention of Overall Health.

– In Naturopathy, Patient’s faith and determination is very necessary to get effective results.

According to Naturopathy “Food is a Medicine, Medicine be the Food”.

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Ayurveda Doctors at Veda5

Ayurvedic management and treatment is possible only under the supervision of qualified and expert doctors.

At Veda5 Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, Kerala and Goa, India, we will give you the team of Ayurvedic experts who will help you to manage and treat alcoholism and change your life with their expertise.

Best Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat in India

Guests from around the world have rated Veda5 as a top Ayurveda and Yoga retreat in Rishikesh, Goa and Kerala, India. Veda5 offers a holistic approach to health and wellness. By focusing on balance and harmony between the mind, body, and spirit, Ayurveda and Yoga aim to promote optimal health and disease prevention. From massage and detoxification to diet and lifestyle recommendations, Ayurveda offers a wide range of natural therapies that can help support overall health and wellness.

World Class Ayurveda & Yoga Retreats

Veda5 Ayurveda & Yoga retreats are located in Rishikesh, Goa and Kerala. The wellness retreats are run by highly-experienced doctors and offer authentic treatments and customized care for each guest. Veda5 Yoga and Meditation retreats are led by experts and the sessions range from gentle to vigorous to stretch, strengthen, balance and improve the body and mind.

Veda5 Naturals manufactures high-quality Ayurveda and Herbal wellness products formulated in the Himalayas that are natural, non-toxic and unadulterated without synthetic and inorganic chemicals. Please explore and shop our wide range of products on Veda5 Naturals products also make as great gifts.

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