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Jala Neti - Veda5 Ayurveda Yoga Retreat - Rishikesh Kerala Goa India

What is Jala Neti?

Jala Neti is one of the purification kriyas of yoga which is dedicated to the cleansing of the nasal passage.

Materials required :-

  • Jala Neti Pot
  • Luke-warm Water
  • Salt

Pre-procedure of Jala Neti

  • Take 1 pint (16 ounces or around 500 ml) of lukewarm water
  • Generally, a solution consists of salinity 1 teaspoon / 500 ml is considered ideal for the nose (you can go with 1/2 or even 1/4 teaspoon of salt)
  • Mix salt properly in water and then pour it into the neti pot.

Procedure of Jala Neti

  • Add a half teaspoon of salt into the Neti pot filled with sterile lukewarm water.
  • Stand with your legs apart and hold the pot in your right hand.
  • Now by slightly tilting your head towards the left, insert the nozzle of the Neti pot in your right nostril.
  • Start pouring water in the right nostril slowly by breathing normally through your mouth.
  • Allow the flow till the Neti pot is empty.
  • Repeat the same procedure from your left nostril

Notes on Jala Neti

  • In the whole process of using the neti pot, open your mouth to breath gently through it. Avoid nasal breathing throughout the whole process of using the neti pot.
  • After finishing with both the nostrils, remember to clear the remaining water particles by active exhalation through alternate nostrils as in Kapalabhati.
  • If still left with mucus and a blocked nose, can repeat the whole procedure again.

Drying of the Nostrils 

After draining the water from both nostrils, the proper drying of the nose is necessary to prevent cold, infection in the sinus or Eustachian tubes of the ear. It may also result in a mild headache if the nose doesn’t get dried up.

  1. Stand upright and bend forwards from the waist
  2. Keep your head upside down with the nose pointing towards the floor, In this way, any leftover water is drained from the nose
  3. Point the nose towards the knees.
  4. For about 10 times, inhale from the mouth and exhale from the nose in each position.
  5. The water residues may run down.
  6. Stand up and breath rapidly through the nostrils for about 10 consecutive breathes. Sniff in and out.
  7. Focus on the exhalation.
  8. Use one finger to close off the right nostril and breathe through the left and vice versa.
  9. Breathe through both the nostrils for 10 times.

Repeat until the nose gets properly dried.

Precautions related to Jala Neti

Jal Neti should be avoided if the practitioner has undergone a recent ear or nose surgery. It is not advised to practice Jal Neti if a person has a bleeding nose due to any nasal difficulty.

Moreover, when doing it the very first time, jal neti should be done only under the guidance of an expert yoga teacher.

Practitioners should always ensure that their nostrils are completely dry after practising Jal Neti. If any water droplets remain in the nasal passage, they can cause headaches.

People who have high blood pressure should be careful while drying their noses. If the drying process is done forcefully, there is a chance they feel dizzy.

Stages and Benefits

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