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3 Stages of Jala Neti

The practice of Jala Neti comprises 3 stages according to the practitioner level. These 3 stages of Jala Neti are following.

Stage 1 – Simple Jala Neti

It’s the simplest, most practised and beginner stage of Jala neti. In this, Water flows from one nostril to the other.

Stage 2 – Vyutkarma Kapalbhati

This is an advanced stage of Simple Jala Neti which may require proper guidance from a teacher for the beginners.

It is known as “Sinus Bellowing” or “Vyutkarma Kapalbhati” and works more effectively on the posterior sinuses, whereas simple Jala Neti doesn’t provide many effects.

1. Allow the free flow of water from one nostril to the other (Like simple Jala Neti).

2. While the flow of water through the nostrils, gently sniff it backwards.

3. Spat that water out from the mouth.

4. Avoid swallowing any water.

In another part of this phase, separate inhalation of water from each of the nostrils is done followed by spatting from the mouth. And then the nose is allowed to get dried.

Stage 3 – Sheetkarma Kapalbhati

The Sheetkarma Kapalbhati is the third phase and a more advanced level of simple Jala Neti. It is difficult and can be uncomfortable to perform in the beginning.

In this, water is taken from the mouth and blown out through the nose. It is more beneficial and effective.

Benefits of Jala Neti

1. It Treats the Sinusitis

It rinses away the irritants and allergies to clear the nasal path and relieves sinusitis. Nasal cleansing, neti was particularly found beneficial in managing rhinosinusitis in age groups ranging from children to adults.

2. It Helps Breathe Freely

Jal Neti is responsible for throwing away all the infectious and unhealthy particles out of the nasal passage. And as a result, one is able to breathe naturally and freely.

In research, it was demonstrated that Jal Neti helps dissolve the internal build-up of mucus and clears the nasal cavity, making the breath deep and effortless.

Performing Jal Neti regularly acts as a fighting mechanism against various nasal as well as upper respiratory infections.

3. It Treats Headache and Hypertension

Doing Jal Neti lessens the excessive heat and thus offers cooling and soothing benefits to the brain.

It helps cure headaches, hypertension, migraine, and other brain-related disorders. Jal Neti has also been found to be effective in the treatment of epilepsy, temper tantrums, hysteria, depression, and overall mental tension.

4. It Helps Improve the Nasal Functions

The nose is the centre of the danger triangle of the face, as considered by Western medicine. Any infection that occurs in the area around the nose, can be a dreadful situation as respiration is also connected to this passage.

Jal Neti works on the areas around the nose and removes all the impurities over there. It results in improved nasal functions and increased nasal as well as respiratory health.

5. It Improves the Vision

It was demonstrated that Jal neti can improve optic nerve conduction.

It means that Jal Neti cleans the fused matter of the ENT system as well as the eye and its post retinal optic nerves.

The optic nerves get stimulated through the charging of the autonomic nervous system and improve optic nerve functioning, resulting in clearer vision

6. It Treats Major ENT Diseases

Jal Neti has proven effective on not just nasal troubles but also the diseases related to ears and throat. It was found that the Jal Neti maintains healthy secretory and drainage mechanisms of the entire ear, nose, and throat area.

The study also found that Jala Neti helps remove colds and coughs, allergic rhinitis, hay fever, and tonsillitis.

7. It Stimulates the Olfactory Nerves

Total cleansing and purification of the nasal passage are done by Jal Neti and hence it is observed to improve the function of our olfactory nerves.

Neti helps restore the lost sense of smell, thereby also benefiting the relationship between smell, taste, and digestive processes.

Procedure and Precautions

Learn about the procedures and precautions for Jala Neti in our this article https://www.vedafive.com/jala-neti-procedure-precautions-by-veda5-retreat-in-rishikesh-kerala-goa-india/

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